Svakom Hannes Neo

I unfortunately bought a Svakom Hannes Neo before I found this forum. If I had, I would have bought a Handy instead.

So the Hannes Neo can connect to MFP and run scripts, but I believe the Hannes Neo lives it’s own life when playing scripts. I suspect the Svakom cannot respond so well to fast changes from top to bottom strokes, and therefore jumps to somewhere else in the script, making the experience not realistic.

Does anyone have any experience with scripting for Svakom? Is it possible to do any adjustments in the MFP? Do I need to rewrite scripts?

It would be a waste to get rid of the Hannes Neo just now, so I would like to see if I there is any settings I can change for it to work acceptable. Or if I can modify scripts to work better with Svakom Hannes Neo.

Thanks in advance.