Svakom Sam Neo Not Connecting

After turning it on, intiface detects and adds the device for a brief period(a second or so) showing the two sliders for testing before quickly disappearing. This repeats indefinitely.
I’ve tried using different computers, and multiple bluetooth adapters but no luck.
Manually pairing the device using bluetooth(which I dont think im supposed to have to do) also briefly pairs, before disconnecting.
The official android app works fine, but id like to use custom scripts if possible.
Anyone experience the same issue or have any solutions? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

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same here

I do have the same problem, would appreciate some help here, thank you

I’m in the same boat.

I dl intiface on my phone and had absolutely no problem stay connected with my sam neo, but on my pc and intiface, it gets detected for a sec and then lost control.

same here

I have exactly the same problem. FapTap also disconnects after a few seconds.

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