SVAKOM Sam Neo Scripting

Just bought a Sam Neo. It really needs some good scripting. I would do it myself, but I have no Idea where to start with this device. I have scripted the Handy and Kiroo devices. But this is a different beast. I’m not sure how to connect to it other than through feelconnect 3.0.

It has two things to run with the script, the vacuum and the vibrator. Not sure how to do that. But it can be done. FeelXvideos have done it. But their scripts are poor and disappointing.

Any help would be appreciated.

RealSync and SLR needs to get this device going on their scripting.

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So do you think it’s any good?

i think you could script the vacuum as the same way as the handy. Low point on, high point off. You could try the same thing with the vibration the higher the point the harder it vibrates. So in the end it could be scripted the same as the handy but with a little app that learns your machine what to do with the handy script.

Greetings to All,

Well I possess both Sam Neo And Alex Neo of Svakom. Using and Script player both the toys can be used to connect it to VR scenes.

I used Sam Neo during a blowjob tease and the Alex Neo during penetration.

I had a fun 1st time interactive experience

In case any one needs help in connecting to VR scenes… do connect with me.


@Mitulvr Sounds interesting. I own a Sam Neo. If you could share how you configured Scriptplayer that would be nice. Do you use funscripts e.g. blow job scenes from eroscript or have you created your own funscripts? I guess not every scene or script can be used with the Sam Neo.

Yah, need to be careful scripting a Sam Neo. It will suck your dick right off. So use it sparingly. At least the sucking part.

For this reason I also would like to know how to script for it, so I can control the frequency and power of the suck function. I hate having my member sucked to balloon size.

@Andymaniac Well since I am a newbie to my toy, I am dependent on the existing free scripts on this forum. And it appears to me that all the scripts are designed to work on Kiiroo and Handy (thrusting movement) like toys as compared to a suction/vibrating toy like Sam Neo and so a more involved new way of scripting specifically for Svakom products is something we could request the company directly to collaborate with different content creators and/or I am sure talented scriptwriters will come up with a SVAKOM products-friendly funscript files.

As regards to the actual connectivity and setup to enjoy existing files…I did the following as guided elesewhere on the forum i.e.-

  1. Activate Bluetooth on a windows 10 PC(BLE4 version and above)
  2. Launch OCULUS App or SteamVR App (make sure you have allowed “Unknown sources” in Oculus APP general settings)
  3. Launch DEOVR / SLR App
  4. Activate ‘REMOTE CONTROL/API’ in Settings->Developer
  5. Start the Toy by pressing the S button for 2 seconds
  7. Launch Scriptplayer
  8. Click the ‘Devices’ tab → then click 'Buttplug / Initface" → then click “Connect”
    (Wait a few seconds, it should say “Connected to Buttplug”)

9.Click the ‘Devices’ tab → then click 'Buttplug / Initface" → then click “Scan For Devices”
(Wait a few seconds, it should say “Device Connected to Sam Neo")

  1. Click the “Video Player” tab, then Select ‘DeoVR’
    It should now say ‘DEOVR Connected’ in the Scriptplayer Window

  2. Put on your headset while the DEOVR/SLR App is still open

  3. Now Select your video file in the ‘Local File’ tab in DEOVR/SLR app browser and Click Play
    (Make sure both video and *.mp4 and *.funscript files are named the EXACT SAME and in the EXACT SAME Folder)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

**The above steps also works on Alex Neo toy of SVAKOM
*** All SVAKOM toys also work on for more custom-style experiences

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Thanks for the feedback. Sounds familiar. I guess I have to experiment a little bit, especially with some blowjob funscripts. I am curious how they are translatet to the Sam Neo. :thinking:

It is a sweet device for some fun between some OSR sessions. The best thing would be a sam neo combined with the OSR :crazy_face:

Hello. I have also purchased a Sam Neo and have tried some of the scripts.

There are two parameters, vibration and suction, and it seems that each can be controlled by using a multi-axis player such as MultiFunPlayer.

As for the vibration, the intensity of the vibration can be changed according to the size of the numerical value. However, it seems that the suction function only works with the built-in pattern, and the type of suction pattern can be selected by the numerical value. Also, there seems to be a time lag of 1 to 2 seconds between sending the suction signal and the actual start of suction.

I find this specification disappointing, but it does not mean that it is completely useless depending on your ingenuity.

I hope this will be of some help. I will also try to find a way to make a funscript that suits Sam Neo.

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