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Swallowbay studio

Does anyone know if a subscription gives synced scripts options with their videos and if so how are they played back to the VR headset? And are they available for download for local playback. I’m wonfering if they are offering scripts since they had SLR stopped making them for their scenes.

i read somewhere (i think in a post on SLR) that they are working on scripts, but i dont know if they already on their site and i doubt that they will have the same quality as the scripts that where made by realcumber, at least not the first few ones.

im currently a member of thier website and they dont have scripts yet…they did say they are coming though

I have some of the videos. If anyone interested making scripts for any video from swallowbay, i can bring it for you

Well, they are saying this for months and in some of their comments on SLR they said they are working with some scripting company. I hope I’m wrong but this might end in some pre-generated scripts that won’t be close to what @Realcumber did.

i agree @Realcumber is thee lengend when it comes to scripts…too bad he only does scripts for SLR now :frowning:

but u never know who they hire for thier scripts…it might me a top scriptor…fingers crossed

Thanks guys :pray: - I believe they have gone with another company, (not sure which) but to date I have yet to see any ‘company’ made scripts that are close in turnout and quality to even ones here on ES (especially not the pre-generated ones)

On top - BJ/HJ type scripts are the most time consuming and most difficult to script immersively, as I’m sure @Husky and other scripters are well aware

Its a bit of relief to not worry about consistently making these ongoing if Im being honest (for sanity sake lol)