Sync Mo com anyone that has tested it?

This service promises alot, about automatically creating actions about in any video… I find that hard to believe.
So, Asking for user experiences.
Please, if you have one, tell me about it.

I have it and it’s generally pretty good. It’s maybe 100-300ms out of sync but that’s reasonable as it’s reacting to the video in real time. It does a better job on certain videos than others based on how clear the motions on screen are. Surprisingly works really well for non-sex videos like music videos and stripteases.

I also use it to give motion to adult games, i.e. Live2D visual novels or even VaM in desktop mode. Those actually work extremely well because of the repetitive nature of the motions.

They seem to be actively improving the algorithm and interface and I don’t regret getting the lifetime sub so far!


This ansver seems to be really good insight of the service. I take a Look, they have this one week thing, tey out thing. We see about then… I have really good videos in mind, that I have not used to handy, mainly for, that those have not been scripted.

I have it. I think it really depends on your preference if you like it or not. It doesn’t “really” follow the action. If the model is there talking and moving, but not touching in any other way it’ll still move the interactive toy. There’s some controls that you can set to make it more or less sensitive, but I haven’t really found the sweet spot - at least with the videos i’ve tried so far


That made me curious, I try it, thanks.

I agree with the above opinions. I’m not sorry I went lifetime either, but if you’re looking for something that follows EXACT motions, this won’t be it. If you’re a person who just wants someone playing with you while you watch porn…it works fine for that.

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I paid for the trial version. Could not get it to work. It just launched a browser and was stuck on the loading screen.

There’s also Feelme AI if you’re looking for options. It supports several toys beyond the usual Handy integration, but is limited. No VR option yet and it does not have a desktop feature - just web videos.