Syncbot or OSR2+

Hi all,

I wanted to get some feedback from y’all about changing it with either a Syncbot or OSR2. Currently have The Handy and very much enjoy it. My taste in scripts and videos has changed since owning it and I’m now exploring slower content. I script myself (too lazy or insecure to release them lol) and I really like how easy it is to set up, sync and run The Handy with VR (DeoVR). I’m really looking for the same ease of use/set up but with more dynamics/sensations (spinning, rolling, etc).

Keeping the ease of set up and scripting in mind, what do y’all recommend?

The Syncbot seems to be a very closed ecosystem. I’m not sure VR is as easy nor is scripting with it. I don’t see any hands free options either. It does have the twisting that I’m looking for and it does look promising in terms of the content conversion.

The OSR2 seems the closest in use compared to the handy. It does look heavier and more complicated in terms of its maintenance and servos. Scripting seems similar to The handy. I’m not too sure of the pitch and roll but it looks fun. Hands free laying down might require some magyvering.

Interested in everyone’s feedback. The prices are significantly different so want to make sure I’m making the right choice.

Thanks all in advance.

OSR2+ gets my vote :slight_smile: Better script compatibility… and it just feels better to me than the Syncbot.

The Syncbot is a VERY polished product though - if you’re not slightly DIY inclined, then you may want to avoid the OSR2+ as it isn’t a on the shelf retail level toy.


Hi, no experience with the syncbot but I went from a handsfree Handy & vr setup to the osr2+ and I never went back. All the slow scripts I liked on the handy feel much better on the osr2+. Multifunplayer (MFP) also has a randomizer for the pitch & roll so all the single axis scripts I’ve collected basically got a free upgrade.

osr2+ setup isn’t complicated tbh, just tedious. I was able to fix any issues I had by searching the forums. Also got help from g90ak for some heresphere script stutter. (part of it was leaving the limiter enabled :man_facepalming: )

I also upgraded from the og handy sleeve to onaholes and holy fucking shit it is addicting. My daily driver is a bj ona (KMP Ginguchi Dirty Sister) and it honestly feels amazing with slow bj scripts. I stopped going to massage parlors and saved up a ton of money.

I was initially going to get a syncbot due to Slibowitz review but they couldnt ship to me, so I opted for the osr2+ instead. Got lucky with grabbing a g90ak w/upgraded servos and I have no regrets since. Osr2+ is cheaper, lifetime access to g90ak scripts if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 4 ppl each month, and single axis scripts get a free upgrade with the MFP pitch & roll randomizer.

Eventually, I will snag a sr6 so the heavy toys won’t be left out. The only downside I had with my osr2+ is that I still haven’t been able to macgyver a reliable handsfree setup lying down but thank god for recliners :grin:


Syncbot team hasn’t been delivering on some of the stuff they promised to be in the pipeline, so I don’t have much hope for much software improvements.

My first broke after 3 months of use, and they replaced it. Have serious doubts on quality control and longevity of device, as I babied both devices and made sure not to allow any moisture build up.

It’s a different sensation to the handy and is better, but I’d wait for a v2 where these seemingly common problems are fixed.

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OSR2 all the way, in my opinion. Just be aware that it’s a lot noisier, due to using servos. Noise-cancelling headphones or simple ear buds are highly recommended.

In terms of performance, nothing beats it. I recommend getting a 3D printer at some point even if you order a completed OSR2 from somewhere, so you have the ability to print replacement parts or make changes.

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  • slower content
  • spinning

You’ll probably be good with an OSR2+ that has a twist module. It looks something like this:

The SyncBot does spin but only around the glans, and it doesn’t do it slowly.


I think we have a clear winner. Considering all these things, it seems like the OSR2 comes out ahead due to the openness of the platform and ability to add/subtract. Hearing the Syncbot isn’t as open of a platform and the lack of forward development in their applications/UI as well the price, it makes more of a case for the OSR2. Also hearing that theirs a tool to add pitch and roll to current scripts is great.

Now to start researching……

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I’ve just made this topic introducing the OSR, hope it helps a little: