Syncy - Chrome extension to play funscripts on any site (for thehandy)

The usual way to play a funscript on this forum is to download the video, load it into a local player and also load the funscript. I found it annoying to have to download the video every time.

To make it easier, I made a chrome extension that plays scripts in sync with videos on any site (hopefully :slight_smile: ). It may be a little buggy but I have tested it on a few sites and it seems to sync.

This extension should work for any chromium-based browser (Edge, Chrome, Opera). I’ve only tested on Edge so far since that’s my main browser.

Happy to hear any feedback/issues you have.



  1. Download: 33 KB folder on MEGA
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Open the browser and type in chrome://extensions in the URL bar
  4. Enable developer mode in the top right
  5. Click load unpacked in the top left
  6. Select the unzipped folder


  1. Connect your handy. It needs to be in online/wifi mode (pink light).
  2. Go to a website with a video. The extension only adds the widget when it detects a video.
  3. Get the connection key from
  4. On the chrome extension widget, click the “The Handy” button and enter the key. Wait for it to finish connecting.
  5. Click “Load Funscript File” and select the funscript file.
  6. Wait for Handy widget to show that it is done loading the script.
  7. Click play on the video.

To use it in incognito:

  1. Go to the chrome://extensions
  2. Click details on the syncy extension
  3. Check allow Incognito

If you click the extension icon there is a button in the popup to show/hide the extension.


I spent ~2 weeks working on this project in my spare time. Hopefully you find it useful and thank you for your donations :smiley: .



Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately I can’t edit the original post.

New download link for extension since the old one got taken down: