Technique to last long?

I love the handy!

I always use the handy in virtual reality, with scripts! it’s incredible. But I have a big problem that breaks the immersion. This machine works so well, and the sensations are so incredible that I can’t last more than 5 minutes. The atmosphere, the porntsar etc … make me cum in 5 minutes.

I wish I could hold out for a whole video. Or ejaculate multiple times? do you have any techniques to advise me? I am open to everything. Viagra? cockring? alcohol?

thank you ! sorry for my English.

Just stop your Handy when you are close (only Handy), wait a minute or two to cool off and start it again.

yes but I will do this every 30 seconds … I would like to be able to watch the video entirely without stopping the immersion.
I would like to hold it all the way or else ejaculate several times. Are there any supplements to advise me?

There are penis desentisizing sprays and creams afaik (think the stuntcocks are using them looking how sometimes they have a really hard time to cum), but not sure if they are save for your sleeves, probably not.

ok I would have to try!

I will try the following combo: viagra + cockring + desensitizing lubricant. In virtual reality and with the handy with a script of course …

Just reduce the stroke range when you are getting closer. This is probably the cheapest solution and always works :grin:

Or use HandyControl and override the movements when it gets too intense and fall back to the script if you have made a break.

I’m not sure if viagra and cockring is a good combination. They both have similar effects and at your place I would resign from one of them, just so you don’t fuck up your penis because of blood pressure.

look up “the multi orgasmic male”

theres an article on it here.

and obviously theres other resources out there on that, and also look up dry orgasms.

Once you’re able to control your form of orgasms then you’ll be able to practice whether you’re able to sustain after it. Typically a dry orgasm is easier to maintain an erection after and keep going, but it takes practice.

Just being able to control ejaculation it helps to have trained your pelvic floor muscles and be able to consciously control them, then once you’re able to consciously control the muscle you can consciously clench them to prevent ejaculation. But this method is the most tiring since you will typically clench the entire hip at first and so it harder to continue. Eventually its possible to learn to just clench the specific muscle.
Once you’ve got that ability though you can then learn to consciously control ejaculation not by clenching but by consciously preventing the muscle from causing ejaculation, conciously keeping it relaxed and not letting it involuntarily spasm. Either way preventing ejaculation typically also controls the release of hormones that would make an erection go away. So not ejaculating, by keeping your pelvic floor from reacting doesnt take much energy so you wont need to stop. However that hormone is also part of what makes orgasms so good, as too is the sensation of ejaculating. You realise while learning these methods that all these sensations are separate, and then potentially can also learn to have continuous orgasms, without ejaculating. For minutes at a time.

So ultimately once you are able to use all these things you’re able to control your orgasms to be able to last as long as you want before intentionally ejaculating.

Let me know if you have any questions. unfortunately i’ve since lost all the materials i used to get me started on this, but that book was the main thing that got me started.


During a session, if I realize I’m getting close or I notice my body is starting to tense up. I do somewhat of a meditation doing 10 counts up and 10 down while slowing down my breathing. I do this while trying to relax my pc and sphincter muscles until I feel the pressure of an orgasm go away similar to edging.

For some scripts, the only option for me is to use FunHalver. The Handy is quite ‘coarse’ in its simulation of sex and blowjobs and whatnot.

Recently I was playing a script where the model was alternating between fast, firm strokes and moderately fast fingertip-brushes to ensure that the guy wouldn’t cum too soon.
But on the Handy, there’s no difference between a firm stroke and a fingertip-brush, so you end up receiving far more stimulation than the actual male actor receives.
What hope do you have?!

Although as Wavelength says - the best ‘technique’ so to speak is to practise not clenching your PC muscle. If your PC muscle is clenched the whole time (as mine was before I learned this technique), you can only resist orgasm by trying to distract yourself with meditations and whatnot.
But if you keep your PC muscle relaxed, then you will only cum when the stimulation becomes too intense for you to keep it under control and relaxed - which is a feat of muscular control and can therefore be trained!

…but I still need FunHalver for many scripts! :smiley:

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Personally, controlling my breath helps alot. I have some problems aswell, I use Funhalver often lol.

I did find on the Fleshlight website while looking into different sleeves, under the Stamina training unit there is a FREE PDF file on FREE e-guide for increasing your stamina. Havent read it much but I seen it mentions controlling your breath and tips on it aswell. Dont own a Stamina unit(Yet lol) but it looks intense. Hope that helps in any measure. :wink:

Lately I just think about how my crypto portfolio is doing.

and what do you think of viagra? weed? supplements?

for example tomorrow I am quiet all night. With your techniques I will not be able to have fun tomorrow​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If I masturbate more than once in one day, I last longer the second time. Riley Reid said in an AMA, don’t be a two pump chump, jerk off before a date :sweat_smile:

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