Tell me the best Fleshlight sleeves for edging scenarios

I’m interested in sleeves for slow and prolonged scenarios that stimulate the head well.
I plan to use it on my OSR2+

After much deliberation. I think I’m leaning towards these two. I think I’ll take them both. What do you think is the right decision for my needs?

Turbo Thrust
Ana Foxxx Silk

Definitely Mia Malkova’s Level-up. That octopus texture is just subtle enough that you can go at it for long periods of time and is immensely pleasurable, but has just the right amount of suction to keep you fully engaged.

And, what do you think about

FleshLight Janice Griffith Eden and FleshLight Emily Willis Squirt?

I don’t own either of those, but I’ve heard from others (and also based on the looks) squirt is a relatively intense sleeve. Don’t think it would work for what you’re going for. Not sure about the other.

Autumn Falls “Cream” is also really good for edging.

And can you say something about the turbo thrust?

Personally I like the candy fleshlight fore more of a edge play has sections that really woke well for shorter stokes and a right tight entry to keep it hard longer
But to answer the original question I fiend myself grabbing a Crush sleeve. Use to want more fleshlights,still fend my self surfing there webpage but after there hole warmer got knocked over once and now it stoped working feel like all there products are grossly over priced

Veronica Rodriguez - Caliente works a treat if your osr has the +

The little one ? I have used it find it overly tight tight. think it is called the quick short

I’ve read on many reddit forums that Silk does this well

I can vouch for Creampuff being the best edging sleeve out of all the sleeves that i own IMHO.
Silk with the tightening is a bit too intense for PMV’s etc. with the OSR/SR6.
When u always go through that tight part things ramp up rather quickly, but maybe that’s just me.
For manual use, tho, I would say silk is a really good edging sleeve.

The site Fleshassist also has a usage tracker function where u can see what sleeves u use the most. :grin:

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Turbo Thrust is awesome. Actually one of my favorite sleeves, but it’s definitely not an edging sleeve. Way too intense. It wouldn’t be fun to edge with, nevermind if you have the ability.

Note that even if a big group agrees on it, it doesnt tell everything. Personal preference is a big factor, and also dick size matters

And when watching for sleeves, do NOT overestimate it, its better to even consider 1cm shorter as it makes it more reliable you can reach that depth in the sleeve. The size a fleshlight allows is almost double the average (12-13cm / 5inch)!

And even girth matters. When over average, you generaly want less narrow sleeves. While if its under average, extra tight sleeves can be significantly better.

It doesnt matter what sleeve you have towards a girl anyway. First of all, they wont even know normaly (they shouldnt even know if you have one at all). And if they do know, and maybe even use it on you, its better to have it optimal for you rather than trying to impress with it.

And even when they use it on your, how long you last usualy depends more on what she is doing than the sleeve itself. Some girls take it slower, and some just go full force. You cant even tell what sleeve works best with that until she used them more often on you.

Those things are always personal on that, since it does depend on sensitivity to begin with. And not just overal sensitivity, but diffirences at shaft/tip also matter.

For a high sensitivity tip and low sensitivity shaft the sleeves need to be extra gentle. While the other way around you can even use a very intense sleeve like destroya (its design with its initial chanmber is very suitable for it).

My personal preference for this is still the alien. Its reduced tightness makes it less intense overal. And the lotus node its most notible feature. It also barely involves changing textures, which again makes it more calm.
For intense sleeves my preference depends a bit on the situation, but eden and boost-bang do a good job here (note again the lotus nodes in these). Eden is quite a bit tighter than the alien and has its node a bit further in. And the boost simply gives a lot of lotus node feelings (but is VERY position dependant for its feeling).

The best way to find out what works is by simply having used several diffirent sleeves. So in short it comes down to testing what works best, and eventualy you will find both a good edging, intense and ‘realistic’ sleeve etc.
And yes, realistic is only realistic in being smooth enough and wide enough to match the normal experience. The more extreme textures in the sleeves are needed to compensate for skin friction

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Thank you for sharing your experience

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