The best of the Tenga Spinner?

I would like to get advice from experts which Tenga Spinner works best in conjunction with Handy? I’m interested in one of the best for slow blowjob scenarios with a low intensity edging and one for more intense scenarios.

Also can you advise on any other sleeves besides tenga for my purposes as well.

I currently have riley reid and mia malkova quickshot and so far my favorite is the true grip gen 2.0.

I own the tenga spinner hexa(02), shell(03), pixel(04), beads(05), and brick(06, regular and soft editions). I use them all semi regularly in the handy and they are my go to over any of the handy sleeves simply because they feel better.

The problem with recommending any of these is that my preference and how good it feels can change week to week based on sensitivity. I started with the hexa and liked it because you can feel all the little features. I’m an average size in all dimensions so any of the middle of the road spinners are a nice middle ground of pleasure and intensity. Then I tried the pixel which was less intense, good for edging, but as I got less sensitive, I didn’t really feel anything because the pixel’s texture is fairly smooth compared to the others so I stopped using it.

My use case is long intense sessions with not a lot of sensitivity so the pixel or hexa might be ok for round 1, but it just doesn’t feel like much after that. That’s why my go to has always been the brick. At first, soft edition but then I used it to death so now regular edition. I found the regular brick to be too intense at first, but adding lots of lube helped and now it’s just perfect for me. It’s just intense enough to use on PMVs, Fap-Hero and keep going right on that mind-blowing edge for hours. Round 2, 3, 4 it matters not. If you’re soft or hard it matters not. It just works.

My other go to sleeve is beads. Beads has these larger spherical features that you can feel more on slower scripts, specifically oral scripts. It’s a pretty interesting feeling that I don’t really get with other sleeves and their smaller, more uniform textures. If you’re more on the sensitive side, I’d probably recommend beads for the edging, slower side of things. Then brick soft edition for the more intense side.

I don’t really have anything to say about the shell simply because it doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t know why, but everytime I’ve tried, it doesn’t get me anywhere. No particular reason, just always have a mediocre experience with it. Doesn’t hit the right spots or something.

As for general advice on the spinners, I will say that they’ve lasted me well over a year with heavy usage. 50-100+ times on my favorite ones. They tend to fail all in the same way which is by their layers separating. The inner coil is contained by an inner and outer layer of material. These separate over time around the opening hole and the middle. It’s still generally usable, but it got so bad on the brick soft edition that I couldn’t use it anymore. I am fairly rough with mine though so your experience may differ.

Also recently printed off a clip on extender for the handy. Highly recommend. I find that for an optimal experience, the elastic band needs to be tightened right at the edge of the spinner’s opening. This keeps the opening nice and tight. The problem is that the handy’s stroke doesn’t go down quite far enough past the machine when the spinner is like this to bottom you out on a full stroke. Depending on your hands free setup, the machine tends to hit your balls if you try to mount it closer to go down farther. An unpleasant experience.

The Optimised_92.5mm_slider_extender_clip-on_with_belt_stops_and_easier_clip-on_main_strap_at_bottom.stl by abdulis is what I started using and it provides that horizontal clearance to get your junk out of the way and a little more vertical movement to bottom out.

All in all, highly recommend the tenga spinners for the handy, especially people who like it intense because they’re so light and small that you can use them with intense scripts for hours and not overheat the handy. They’re also inexpensive enough that you can try quite a few and see what works for you. Hope you find one you like and good luck!

I’ve already used Brick and so I bought Beads and Pixel the other day and I didn’t like any of it at all. When using them with Hady, even with the improved strap, it slips out. If you tighten it more, it’s very tight. I can hardly feel anything on my dick. Compared to true grip gen 2.0. It’s like heaven and earth. Maybe it just doesn’t fit my dick. I’m just describing how it feels.

I’ve tried a couple of the Tenga spinners after seeing them recommended by a few folks here. I hated all of them for manual use. I didn’t even bother trying with the Handy as a result.

My strong preference with the Handy is the 2nd gen sleeve.

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The issue i already have with the handy sleeves themselve is that sometimes the strap can become slippery. The handy sleeves (and quickshots) have a rim it can still grab onto. But the spinners are smooth, which means they can easily slide out once the strap becomes slippery.

Both the old and upgraded strap suffer from this. Its just that the upgraded strap has some stretch in it making it less prone to it. But so far, no smooth sleeve ever worked for me. Making it highly unlikely i can ever use a spinner with it…

Not a Tenga Spinner, but I recommend this one. TENGA Aero Cobalt | The Original UK TENGA Store I found using the inside part only is also good.

And If money is no object then step up your game. TENGA Vacuum Gyro Roller | The Original UK TENGA Store

another combo is this

Fleshlight Turbo™ - Core Blue Ice – Fleshlight EU

Combined with this.

The bottom of the fleshlight case won’t stay put as is . It needs to be wedged in with something to stop it falling out. While still allowing it to spin.

Once it is in place, trust me on this, your Tenga spinner will go in the bin. (japan) is much cheaper, even with delivery costs, than buying direct from Tenga Europe/UK. I guess that’s where they’re made.

(P.S. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH SHIT THAT TWISTS! you can buy more lube but not another manhood!

You are welcome.

You might try something like the sleeve extender. Easy to 3D print and it gives extra grip and rigidity to the sleeves.