The best script of 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end and I had an idea to vote to determine the best scripts in various categories, as well as to determine the best script of 2022
Here are the nominations that I think can be distinguished:

  • Best Script 2022(whatever script you think is best, out of categories)

  • Best blowjob script

  • Best handjob script

  • Best fucking script

  • Best PMV script

  • Best JOI script

  • Best VR script

  • Best animation script

Suggest your options for these categories, after, in about a week, I will create a vote. If you don’t care about a category just skip it.

  • Everyone can suggest one option for each category.
  • The script must be written or substantially revised in 2022.
  • You can suggest an option that has already been suggested
  • You can’t submit your scripts.

And a small request to @hugecat , if it is possible to pin this topic so that as many people as possible see it

To find the scripts you need, you can use the search by tags and creation time Search results for 'tags:blowjob #scripts after:2021-12-31 order:latest_topic' - EroScripts

Riding changed to general category Fucking.


Here is my option


How about picking until 3rd place?


Good Idea! There are so many good scripts out there. It’s hard to tell witch ones the best out of all.

  • Oh, well I gotta choose which ones my favorite than

If everyone is given 3 options, then it may turn out to be too many in the end, and it will be difficult to make a vote. Choose 1 for now, but if there are not too many offers, you can expand to 2 or 3.

(I cannot overstate how amazing the Angels & Demons script is. The video is amazing, but that script makes it something truly special)


I mean, the result of the vote (1st 2nd 3rd)
Of course, I think one vote is enough

If you are talking about this, then of course, at least for the absolute category

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hm i wonder if its possible to pin the scripts with the most likes on here @hugecat?

honestly baffles me having one of my scripts be someone’s favorite lol

Best animation script:

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why not? Of course Molly was the deciding factor, amazing video you scripted well.Not many scripts that I watch many times. But I’m ready to come back to this again and again

Not exactly what you asked for, but at the end of the year you just pick the first script of each category from one of those searches:


There are tons of awesome scripts. Here some candidates :smiley:


OOOOOOO! This looks fun!!! Thanks for the vote @linuxguy :kissing_heart: I might have gone with RAW PMV…mostly because of the length. And it is fun…but the boutine is nuts.

Gorsh! Narrowing it down will be tough. But I will try!

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Seems nice to have a voting, gives the scripters som more recognition as well!

Here are my suggestions:


You have selected only additional nominations, you can also submit any of these scripts as the best script of 2022