The Handy alternatives

I am looking for some recommendations for an alternative to the handy. I have it and it’s not bad, even though it’s kinda loud and you gotta put in some work to make it work.
Are there any alternatives that do a better job? I was thinking AutoblowAI, Arcwave Ion or Keon & Feel. Anyone of you tried any of these? I have heard some not-so-great things about the Autoblow though.


I would strongly suggest against the AutoblowAI. For the price of what it is and what it does, its not worth it. IMO the sleeve it has is pretty wack and I don’t know about everyone else but I’m “average” in length and it felt like it couldn’t reach me. I was like wtf you need to have like a 7 or 8 inch dick to enjoy it. The Handy is way better. I can’t speak on the other devices.


I can already tell you the autoblow AI is very underwhelming. Its AI is purely a marketing term there as it is just a randomizer for selecting a static pattern.

Intensity wise its also significantly weaker since its up down motion only stretches the sleeve a bit. And this stretching is the weak point acros all of them.

Sound wise its also at handy levels of volume. Its not silent at all.

Only the material of the sleeve is a bit more luxurious, but its textures are often weak.

Cleaning and maintenance are similar on that, where for the handy relubing can be an issue if you use a spray can for it (you need plastic covers to restrain the angles it can spray on), while for the autoblow since its internal it barely matters. But at the same time, without restricting the angles, relubing also wouldnt be effective on the autoblow, which on that has a more anoying angle to target.

For its price its definitely not worth it (and even at half its price its still underwhelming).

The only thing it has going for it, is that its a more safe device. The handy requires you to take care so your dick cannot get into its mechanics, the autoblow has this covered completely. The handy for example would be (very) dangerous in BDSM play, where the autoblow would be completely safe.

But for BDSM, i would recommend a normal fuck machine with fleshlight adapter. As that is safety wise almost equal, yet intensity wise significantly higher than the autoblow can ever even dream to achieve.

Everyone’s go to is the Handy for a reason, its not too expensive and people will more or less jury rig it to get it to what they want.

Sr6 i think is the name is more expensive but has more options. This is the upper end of the toys for funscript compatibility but I dont have any experience with it so someone else will have to give their thoughts.

If you’re looking for an out of the box solution, the keon works just fine. Its bluetooth, so its not as responsive as the handy and its battery powered so you gotta recharge it and you might run the risk of it running out of power during really long sessions, it hasn’t been an issue for me, but people have had it. The major upside is that you’re very unlikely to risk any of your body parts on it and it takes standard fleshlight sleeves. The one it comes with is not that great but the fact it takes fleshlight sleeves means you can slot in an alternative as long as its about the same size

I will soon be selling @Tempest 's SSR1 much like the handy and is rather quiet. It has built in VESA mounting solution. Might be worth looking into for you. Good luck on your search.


@M0SAIC Can’t wait!

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For how much approximately?

Avoid Keon devices for stroking… I got one for the dildo attachment (which I honestly haven’t had the time to try) but ended up getting some sleeves too. After using the Handy, the Keon stroker is total crap. Sure, it moves like it’s supposed to, but the battery life is bad and the sleeves are kind of boring for someone with an average cock. This is the same problem that Fleshlight has… not everyone has an 8"+ girthy porn star cock, though I’m sure we all would love one.

Stick with the Handy, there is no alternative. (no, I have not tried one of the super fancy OSR6 devices, but if you’d like to invite me over to try it I won’t say no!)

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Only thing not mentioned here would be the Vorze hardware. Piston or spinning version. Though there’s not much scripting support exclusively for the spinning one, save for adult festa streaming service or . Can’t speak to the quality of the new rends stuff but way back in the day I had one of their spinners before the A10 version came out. It was good, but loud and good luck lasting longer than 5 minutes with one. I presume the piston one works much like the handy but uses proprietary sleeves and is seemingly 3 times the size and probably just as many times louder. Not to mention cost being prohibitive, you’d be better off going with OSR6 since it’s way more bang for the same buck.

Other than that, there’s vibrators you can choose from like the lovense gush. There’s websites that can convert standard funscripts to work for it, but the device can’t really keep up with change of pace so what would normally be scripts full up and down at mach speed, instead turn into vibrations that constantly sit around the middle with slight jitters.

So basically, invest in an OSR6 or go for cheap vibrators and slower scripts would be your realistic viable options. Otherwise, handy is the way to go.

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Doing our best with

Basically creating commercial version of the osr toy with Tempest on board


@doublevr If you’re open to recommendations for your toy. I would recommend a plug and play ability to the hardware and not just charge and play.

You mean wired with no battery?

that would be the only issue ive read

also having an offline version so we can use other scripts as well

Wired with battery is generaly best. But wired beats battery operated in most cases.

The reason wired is an important option is because its very disruptive when the battery is empty and the device turns off. Cables in most cases arent disruptive as unlike VR gaming, you arent going to be moving around all the time. As long as the cable is long enough its unlikely to realy restrict much (and depending on adapter connection, you can always use a diffirent cable to extend).

Battery only is anoying since you are very likely to forget to charge it, and charging it every single time would be bad (bad for battery, and would imply poor capacity). Its just very likely to happen that at some point it was already nearly emtpy, and now turns off during the action.

@doublevr Yes, if you’re able to allow the machine to operate with a wired connection preferably instead of a battery. With a battery, the life expectancy, usage, and downtime to recharge the machine are much more limited compared to competitors. Also If it’s more cost-effective to have a wired connection it’ll be cheaper to produce and the wired benefits outweigh the battery benefits of being wireless.

Thanks for the suggestions. Guess I can either get the OSR or somehow tweak the handy.

@doublevr what about both? I think the best is battery operated, that still can be used while plugged in a charger.

For the SLR guy, I’d love to see like a uh…I dunno how to describe it. A dick alignment beacon light? Like an IR LED at the base of the device that makes it easier to align the scene to your dick. I know from scene to scene I’m always fucking with the pitch and lateral slide. My brain just can’t get into it if I know my dick is 2.5" from where my headset says it should be

It is going to be pretty great. I am also excited.

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I prefer the Handy, I used to have a fleshlite launch until it broke, I presume the keon is similar, I love fleshlight sleeves but you have to be super hard to enjoy them, I like the handy because I can go in soft and the handy will make me hard, I would invest in a OSR2 if it had more support but it seems most scripts are designed for the Handy so the extra axis would be redundant most of the time, I saw a video about this:

image Could be ok, could be a gimmick

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