The Handy and heavy sleeves

I have seen it mentioned that sleeve weights over 500g are not recommended. I just had a new sleeve delivered today and it is much heaver than I was expecting. 620g. Does anyone else use heavy sleeves? How is the device performance with it? Would this be too far over the recommended limit to safely use? What are the possible implications from using it?

Motor will get hotter faster, up-motion speed is slower, down-motion speed is faster (gravity a bitch), you’ll need a different strap than the default one, and if the sleeve gets caught in the mechanism it can tear it up (I find a sock does wonders for this).

Accuracy and the length of which you can use the device are the hardest hit factors. So as long as you don’t try to edge for 5 hours and don’t care that it’ll be like, 1/4 of a second off then it’s not the end of the world.


Yeah I gave it a spin and had to switch to my Quickshot after a few minutes. I managed to get it to fit the strap (barely). Movement and sync seemed ok. The problem is it throws the balance of the Handy off quite a bit and hand fatigue was setting in early. Also this thing is quite long so 80% of its heavy weight wants to hanf straight down. I think I will save this one for the very rare times I go Handy-free.

I pretty much stick to quickshots myself, however there is one other sleeve I’ve found that can really change things up. The material is very similar to the quickshot, and it is reversible giving you some options. Check out the link, and scroll down there is a demo I posted.

(No cucumbers were harmed during the filming of this demo)

2 of those look interesting. Fleshskins Grip and the Quickshots are my favorites. I just wanted to try something different. The sleeve I mentioned was only 1 of 5 I ordered including one of the Alien Quickshots that are available for the next 2 days only.

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