The Handy: Do SexLikeReal preview videos have working scripts?

Does anyone know if preview videos on SexLikeReal that say the video is compatible with The Handy actually activate The Handy? I know that’s unlikely as I’d imagine the script won’t be in previews, but I’m curious as I just got an Oculus headset and wanted to see how the SLR stuff worked.

Also, I can’t tell from the site, but on SexLikeReal, do you get the videos AND the Handy scripts if you pay for Premium? Or do you have to pay for scripts separately?

Btw, I’m using DeoVR right now. Haven’t gone through the steps to install SLR app.

You have to pay for the scripts. So they are not included in premium and are not available in preview.

Actually there are like 3-4 free scripts available on SLR.


Yes, @Farri is correct.

SLR premium membership gets you online and offline access to over 7000+ included videos.

If you buy any scripts through SLR website, then u unlock automatic streaming to your sex toy (and you can also download your script at anytime for offline use as well) here:

You can find the step by step guide to connect and free scripts links here:

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That really needs to be clearer. I subscribed just for the scripts, then found out they were extra. The VR UI makes no mention of paying for interactivity.

Is there an easy way to find the free ones? I’d like to try some out, to see if the quality is any good.