The Handy doesn't stroke the full length of the toy on Intiface Desktop

Today I wanted to try Infiface Desktop for the first time. After the first start I noticed that the stroke length is very, very short. The developers just say this: The Handy | Buttplug and Intiface FAQ

Does anyone know how I can solve the problem or is it impossible?

Is it set to full stroke i mean the handy

Hey! Thanks for your answer!

Where can I see this option?

You can set the stroke range on Connect your device via the top-right panel and you should see a slider there.

Or else, use buttons on your device as I’ve been advised. Long press the up / down button to adjust stroke limit.

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Ohh that was my problem!

I am new in the Handy game haha

Tysm :slight_smile:

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