The handy. First time user appreciation post

Used The Handy for the first time tonight.

Thanks to everyone’s guides on how to set up deovr with SLR.
I downloaded cockhero solo sequence with the faster script.
Worked like a charm. With my hand I can make it all the way through that cockhero. With The Handy I didnt make it 14 minutes.

So glad I spent the money. Only complaint is I hope I can figure out how to get a deeper stroke. I’m a little above average and it felt like shorter strokes the whole time obviously that didnt ruin my experience at all though.
Thank you everyone in this community.

Happy Thanksgiving


Try hitting the up button until if flashes red, the up and down increase and decrease the stroke length.

I found it was just the script I was using had shorter strokes. Just did a another one that was super aggressive lol.
Was hard to hold the damn thing in place at times.


I just ordered mine and im super excited! I hope it arrives fast. Are you using the normal sleeve? Is there a Script you can recommend based on “feeling real” (even paid ones)?

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I am using the normal sleeve. Feels great is a little short for me but it’s not uncomfortable or anything. Feels amazing.
I’m kinda of a weird user. I’m not really into the scripted individual scenes too much. I love the cockhero style videos the most.

Wish there were more VR cockhero or stroke to the beat style compilation videos. Soon was going to look into scripting my own stuff but idk if I have the patience for it.
I do suggest buying an oculus go or quest and using it with the handy and headphones. It is an awesome combo.
Any trouble setting it all up you can message me and I’ll walk you through it.

i totally understand. i didnt even know these existed. can you recommend some good CH Videos?

i just borrowed a oculus quest from the internet :smiley:

you can search here for VR cockhero videos One is called Solo sequence and the other is enhanced experience I think… there is another called world championships but there hasn’t been someone to script it yet