The Handy uses Vs. Uses of the Keon

I bought my Handy about 2 years ago and have been enjoying using it a lot, many games and scripts work excellent with it thanks to and to all of the amazing scripters in this community. Around 6 months ago I also purchased the Keon, I saw all of sleeves they had on their website of a handful of Porn Stars I recognized and wanted to try it out. After a few uses I very quickly discovered to me personally The Handy felt much better and due to the Keon’s very short battery life, it tended to be less convenient to use and always seemed to die at the worst times. With that said this does not mean I dislike the device, or the way the sleeves feel whatsoever. I’m here to ask you guys is there any interactive media or something you feel the Keon can do that arguably is better than using other devices such as my Handy? I’m casting a very wide net here in the hopes that there are some amazing experiences or sites out there that I am not familiar with that possibly are better or even recommended to use the Keon. I would love to get more miles out of it for my purchase but have been finding it difficult to justify using it over my Handy in many cases.

Are there are games/websites that when using the Keon creates a better overall experience when compared to using other sex toys?

Software isn’t going to improve the keon. You need hardware.

You can use fleshlight sleeves with the keon case(though you need to print a lip to prevent rubbing or buy theirs. Afaik people dont use fleshlight sleeves with their handy or at least not without modification. Check out the boost and the turbo line of sleeves, theyre pretty interesting.

If you get the boost the cap that comes on the case is compatible with the keon case so you get suction on the case, Im not sure if people can get a similar suction effect on the handy without using the boost case and prob straining the handy motor due to the weight of a fleshlight+case.

The handy straight up just has more speed and range than the keon but suffers when past a certain weight limit of the sleeve. Noise is also a factor since people say the keon is quieter.

Other than this, keon vs handy is mostly a preference thing. The handy I have to set up each time and put away due to not wanting the setup out in plain sight(since most people dont hold it and have a handsfree setup), which makes the keon being all in one convenient(since its much easier to hold in place).

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