The world's quietest OSR2 and SR6, Same is the cheapest(2) :How we reduce noise

We know that the main sources of sound are:

  1. The sound from the servo motor.
  2. The sound produced by the collision of Bearing Main Link

Regarding how to reduce the noise of the servo motor, we have already discussed it in another thread.

Regarding how to reduce the sound produced by the collision of Bearing Main Link we addressed it by replacing the spacers with bearings. This provides greater freedom of movement for the Bearing Main Link. Additionally, we replaced the originally 3D-printed Bearing Main Link with metal material for a more secure and effective result

Below are specific video comparisons.


I suggest that you include a demonstration with a Fleshlight or some other load so we can see how noisy it is when it’s actually in use.


This would be great. Also, this is some weird porn OP loves to post in these threads.

i think its just a way to demo something in a (relatively) SFW way

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i get that. It’s an interesting SFW way, that’s fur sure.

Please develop a quiet twist mechanism. Also, do you sell the SR6 with the metal arms like in the first video?

Our servo motors cannot achieve complete silence, but the noise is minimal. We also offer the SR6 with metal arms for sale.

Here is the original post from @renwoxing.

For transparencies sake.

Original low-noise servo? Very interesting… ezgif-4-196195fa4d

Still hoping for some servos to test and verify.


@renwoxing I’m also hoping that @g90ak gets some servos to test and verify.

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