Thehandy+PC watch on desktop

I have interactive subscription for SLR. I want to be able to stream and watch on my desktop for interactive videos. I believe there is a way but I cannot find the post.

Go to the HowTo category and you will most likely find what you need.
This is probably the post you are thinking of: How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

I have tried that

If you still need help then you need to elaborate what the problem is now.

  • Using DeoVR from Steam basically only requires you to go to
  • Login with your SLR account.
  • Turn on your TheHandy and press the button so it is ready for interactive experiences, i.e. connect it to TheHandy servers.
  • Enter your TheHandy connection key in the DeoVR settings (I don’t know exactly where that is these days).
  • You should be ready to go.

I think @Justscrolling is looking for Desktop 2D playback of the VR Interactive scripts to view on their PC/monitor instead of in VR, is that correct @Justscrolling ?

There currently is no possible way on SLR, but guys made a thread requesting that feature here = SLR + interactive without VR request (motion sick) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

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