TheHandyApp - A simple handy remote controller [Browser] [Mobile]

It is already exhausting to find the perfect video, and now you also have to find the perfect script for it. Sometimes I only want to push the start button, lean back, and enjoy. I made this site when I couldn’t find any simple app to control handy. As I checked now, there are some good solution, but I decided to share mine with you.


  • You dont have to install anything. But if your browser support it, you can add to home the screen, and it will function as a normal application. It has a “H” simple logo, which can mean anything.
  • Freestyle mode: You can adjust stroke length and speed.
  • Auto mode: The stroke length and speed automatically changing, you can slightly tune it
  • Programmed mode: There are some premade script, just for fun. You can modify the speed.
  • No ads - I hate them

Tested on Android/Chrome




Legit :+1:
Works great, nice one mate.

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This tool is amazing! Exaclty does what i was needed. Makes funscripts completely obsolete for me.
I can open any video and i can fine tune handy movement in real time.

you are god! that´s exactly what i needed and what i think should have come with “the handy” when you buy it! all i still miss is the possibility to control “the handy” using the microphone of you moblie phone, so can just play a pmv and it moves to the beat. maybe in the next version? :wink: thank you SO much!

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Amazing! Simple and easy to use. Love the presets.


Using sound as input requires several tuning options to work. And you have to set up for each music separately. It would violate the “easy to use” part.
However using your voice to control the application (e.g. move faster/slower) could be a function in the future.

Question about Auto Mode
First off, love this app! Last few sessions I haven’t even bothered loading up a script.
What I’m wondering is, would it be possible to add changing the stroke bottom length in Auto Mode?

I thought about it, I’ll check it out.

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Hello I’m trying to connect my handy but I’m having some issues… I don’t know whether it connects using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can you please help me out I would love to try out the handy app… THX :pray:t4:

It is using wifi connection.

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Wifi, and it takes me a few tries before it connects.

Any way to use Funscripts too with a Video?

No, the main idea is to control the device without script.


I’ve changed the Auto mode page, now you can change the stroke range, and it will randomize according to it.


gotcha thx!

Nice one :+1:
Looking forward to trying it out.
Thanks mate

Do you got to connect to all three handy apps then connect to that app?

It’s been two weeks since I first DL your app, I haven’t bothered loading a script since then.

The update to auto mode is just what it needed, thanks again mate :+1:

can we by any chance modify the presets? a workaround would be fine.

great tool by the way, exactly what was missing.

Hello, good morning. So ran into a problem trying to sync my handy with the site. Everytime it says device cannot be connected. Wifi is on. Able to sync to handy feeling and other streaming script sites with no problem, just not on thehandyapp. Tried several different browsers and same results. Have literally tried countless times, but will not connect no matter what. Why ideas or suggestions folks? Thanks in advance