Things I wish I knew when I started

Some tips, these may be posted elsewhere and by other people but I thought it might be helpful for other people starting out so maybe they won’t have the same problems. In no particular order:

  1. Start small: half an hour to hour long scenes can be great but they are also behemoths in terms of scripting time and can definitely be discouraging to start with. Starting with smaller scenes will definitely be a better experience.

  2. Start simple: some things are much easier to script than others. Penetration, especially when it is rhythmic is way easier than stuff like blowjobs and handjobs that have a great variety of more subtle motions. It gets even harder when you add more people to the scene. Starting with a scene comprised of mostly penetration and maybe a bit of blowjob or handjob will help you get down the basics before you move on to trickier scenes.

  3. Don’t script self touching except at climax: for the most part you don’t need to script the guy in a video jerking himself off except if it is for the climax of the scene. Otherwise it tends to distract from the action of him being touched by someone else.

  4. Don’t worry about speed: This is one that has been talked about in other threads. Don’t worry about red lines or strokes that seem too fast. Script what you see, if the stroke is too fast the script player will adjust it for your device.

  5. Don’t worry about being frame-perfect: literally not a single person alive can feel the difference of a single frame at 30 FPS. You want to be accurate but as long as every point is +/-1 frame that is good enough and nobody is likely to notice.
    (for the nerds: the maximum error for +/- 1 frame is 2 frames or 0.066s roughly half the tactile reaction time of the average person (roughly 0.15s). you could theoretically have an error of +/-2 frames and the average person wouldn’t notice)

  6. Strokes with a difference of less than 20 are basically unnoticeable: I can only say this is true for the launch because I don’t have any other device. the movement range of the Launch is 3 inches so intervals of 10 are going to be less than a centimeter of movement. if you want people to notice the movement it has to be at least 20 but probably 30.
    Edit: The handy has a max length of 4.5 inches so a 10 stroke would be about 1.125 cm which is probably too small to notice, but a 20 stroke would be close to an inch so would definitely be noticeable

  7. Break your work into chunks: I usually split scenes into the type of action, so for example there might be 2 minutes of doggy followed by 1 minute of blowjob followed by 3 minutes of missionary. Breaking your work into chunks like this will help you stay motivated by setting goals (ie. I will just finish this section and then take a break) as well as making each section more consistent with itself.

I hope this helps, I will continue to update it if I think of anything else that might be helpful to new people. If anyone else has similar tips and tricks please reply, lets make this the start of a community guide for new scripters!


That is a great idea! I have some as well.

  1. Don’t hesitate to share your work. That is the best way to improve. People will give you constructive feedback for your scripts, which will help you get better. Also feel free to share scripts, even when they are not done. If you want to ask for advice on a specific section or if you want to know, if you on the right way. Just ask for help and advice, and you will receive :slight_smile:

  2. Just keep going. The start is rather rough, a bit overwhelming and time consuming. But it gets better by time. You will get faster, learn about new functions and get used to hotkeys in JFS. When you needed up to 8 hours for a 5 minute, you will soon need 6 hours, then 4 hours. Scripting falls under the category “easy to learn, hard to master.” Scripting itself is easy. Just set some numbers, that fit to the action on the screen. But there is much more. Timing, precision, immersion, seeing small details and add them to your script, making a scripts, that really fits the action on the screen. You will improve on all these things and get better the more you script.

  3. Feel free to look how other scripters script their videos. It will give you an idea, how they do it. You will see how precise they are and how they handle different sections. You will also learn about stroke lengths and timings by looking at their scripts. It helped me a lot in the beginning.

That’s all I have for now.
Have a nice day all!


these are fantastic pointers, some i will start to use right away

i have just 1

  1. Always test your script before releasing it (if you have pride in your work) i didnt with my last piece of work until after i posted then realised it was not very good, so be sure to test, if it feels good to you it will feel good to others, also when you test your script and its great, thats a goooood feeling :slight_smile:

kind of an advanced tip so I thought I would give it it’s own post.

  1. Stroke speed over depth: When scripting you need to remember that most of the devices people are using are single axis, meaning they can either move up and down, or rotationally but not both (the OSR is the only device I am aware of that does both). This means that motion on screen may not always match the intensity on screen. This mostly refers to things like grinding where there is a lot of movement but little change in depth. It can also be useful for very twisty handjobs and blowjobs.

There is a need to worry about speed and length for sure though. There is a bug in the launch that won’t do a slow stroke after a fast stroke if it’s over a 350 speed. That’s why PMV’s with giant red lines in them don’t work correct on the launch.

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I actually disagree with a lot of stuff on here. Some of the best Cock Heros play with tiny motion that is only 20. 100 to 80 is actually great for licking the tip too. I just wouldn’t take this stuff as commandments because these tips are definitely not my style.

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@anon39026496 I did say 20 is fine didn’t I? 100-80 would be a 20 stroke… As for the launch speed requirements I also mentioned that script player accounts for this.
I agree you should definitely not take my word as law, I have far less experience than most people around here, these are just points based on my own experience.

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The script player doesn’t account for that error unless you are using joyfunplayer.

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Thank you guys! I am just starting out and have my Handy on order. I made a script without being able to test it, which admittedly is from being overly anxious to publish my first script. I plan on testing it late October when I get my device.

I really love these tips so please keep them coming! I got a lot of views and a few likes on my first script posted, but no feedback.

One question: do “vendor scripters” usually do a frame by frame with JFS or the on the fly mode? I’ve tried frame by frame but it’s painstakingly slow, but I’m sure more accurate.

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I believe they use both. When the video admits they use on the fly, usually on repetitive sections of the video, but frame by frame is probably used for most of the other parts. Scripted videos like PMV, or other rhythmic videos, may use other scripting modes due to the fact that there is a rhythm in the script.

Personally, I never got the hang of on the fly scripting. I never get it accurate enough regarding being in sync, stroke lengths and speed. But I guess that you learn by doing and since I don’t script that much I stick to frame by frame. It took a long time to script that way in the beginning, but you gain speed with practice.


Here is a personal issue specific to the OSR with the Twist action. To make a funscript more enjoyable it should not pause at a position all the way down. This will cause discomfort with the twisting action when it is set to be continuous. I have been modifying scripts I use to place the position during a pause at around 30 or I set it to oscillate between 0 and 30.

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Hey everyone, sentinel recently created a post on #howto for his scripting intro guide and incorporated a lot of the things said here.

If you have any more recommendations, tips/tricks, or questions, let’s move them over to that thread to centralize the knowledge. thanks!


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