Throatpie VR Recommendations

So the throatpie (by which I mean when the guy cums in a girl’s mouth during the bj) is one of my favorite endings. Problem is I don’t see a ton of it in VR scenes (or 2d for that matter).

I’m looking for recommendations of VR scenes that either include or end in a throatpie, similar to the opening scenes of most sislovesme videos.
If there are recommendations I like I will likely just script the relevant sections but anything I script will be released free of charge.


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This kind of ending is really underrepresented. Only scene that I remembered is this one from KinkVR. Voxxx Voracious VR Porn Video | KinkVR

You don’t see the ending in the trailer. I have created a GIF so you can decide if this would be something interesting for you:

I have seen some scenes on SLR that end this way but they are very rare, and sadly are simply tagged just like everything else as “cum in mouth” (even though half the time that isn’t even true).

I don’t recall any specific scenes sadly but will keep a note in the back of my head to post here if I run into one. I think I may even have one or two in my favorites.