Tips for lovense max 2 script sync with scriptplayer

This is setting in scriptplayer and device usage expierence information.

tip 1 - Do not stroke with it as the script motion is abolished.
tip 2 - Do not use the suction as you get a better movement effect without.
tip 3 - If suction is needed or wanted you will need to increase the vibration intensity to compensate for motion effect loss.
tip 4 - Min comand delay should be set between 50 and 70 to get best sync to the script.
tip 5 - The less pressure on the top of the device the better for the movement effect. i.e I use the duvet/quilt to wrap the device to keep it propped up and let her move lol.
tip 5 - This device tends to keep you on the brink if used this way.
tip 6 - To much lube can diminish the motion effect aswell
tip 7 - Prolonged exposure, equals numb penis on high setting haha.
tip 8 - filter range changes the hight and low base effect effect aswell.
tip 9 - The speed multiplyer can vary low best in my opinion between 4 and 7. up to 1.2 for high intensity before loss of motion.

Hats off to poet145x for this. It does a good job showing off this devices potential.

This script is one of mine. it a slow scene which gives good effect aswell

These are my settings 4 to 6 on speed multiplier

Enjoy people.


This device wasn’t really what I had in mind when i scripted this scene but I’m glad you were able to get good use of it.

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