Tips with Enjoying the Handy More?

I got the Handy for about 3 weeks now. I find the experience to be… mediocre. I tried it on regular screen, VR, and Virt-a-Mate. The whole experience for me was ‘meh’. I actually enjoy it the most in manual mode. I have a DIY hands free setup which is alright, could be better.

Any tips to increase my enjoyment?

I don’t really want to spend more money on it, but willing to if it means for a better experience. New sleeve? New straps? New mounting system?

I was in the same camp. I wasn’t a fan of a lot of scripts when I started using the handy. and online streaming sites like faptap suffered load lag or lock-ups on a regular basis, even with a gigabit connection.

but then,

I took a swipe at learning how to script. There are some really good tutorials in this forum.

That’s when I found out A LOT of my downloaded scripts were out of sync (might as well be random). Once I lined them up, and learned how to make minor adjustments here and there within the players, it got a lot better.

Also, (SLR) syncs the handy perfectly and it streams consistently well. best money spent in the interactive / haptic script world imo. I wish the rest of the online content providers streamed like SLR

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I recently changed my hands free setup and it makes a huge difference. I have the Handy attached to a heavy duty tripod with a lens collar. The center pole of the tripod can articulate at an angle from the base so the mount can be offset from the base. The Handy is then held by hits top in a vertical position under my desk. I then enter the sleeve and use my motorized sit/stand desk to pin the body of the Handy between the desk and my pubic bone. The result is a rock solid platform that doesn’t move at all. I can position the Handy straight vertical, at various angles, even horizontally.


What are you expecting it to do most. Thats the first question to ask. If you desire simulation, try to focus on things that bring immersion.

If you want to use it as a powerfull milker, focus on videos that are good at doing that. And note, things like futanari milking, and cock heroes while being massively diffirent, often do in essence the same: keep a high pace for longer moments.

Note that depending on the user that immersion can be counter productive since it realy doesnt feel realistic at all. And now it tries to even do those realistic (usualy less intense) actions on you, while all you think is: its a device doing this.

I use the handy mostly as CH/PMV machine. And only when i like to go for a diffirent experience take those others videos (usualy even futanari based just to see something women like, yet see a cock being stroked, imagining its my own one i see - a sort of immersion thing).

Sleeves on that can do quite a bit though! A good sleeve can give quite a diffirent sensation. And even open/closed end can matter a lot (quickshots are popular and easy to be used).

That you use manual mode gives me the idea that anything immersion related is just not your cup of tea. I suspect you are going to like chalenge modes a bit more where immersion is no longer relevant, and instead focus on trying to beat a set (often basic) pattern.


Would you mind sharing a photo or two of your set-up and maybe even some links for what you purchased?

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There are a number of things that add up to a large cumulative benefit (in my eyes).

As people have pointed out above, finding the right content with a high quality script makes a huge difference. Personally anything beneath really well mastered 5400x2700 content is distracting in VR for me, and a good app like Heresphere that “just works” and marginally improves image quality helps further. Then it’s down to what do you like? For VR I like scripts with moderate imbellishment (90% screen accurate with little tweaks for a better experience, there are many on this forum who have mastered the art) where I can bang my favorite stars… then for 2D I target PMVs/other super intense stuff since the immersion factor is broken and it’s just about the physical/mental experience… though tbh audio is becoming a second love LOL. There’s an entire spectrum of quality and creative choices in scripts - learn what you like and look at heatmaps to make sure the script seems OK (and spend some time organizing a collection so you’re not pressed about this when it’s go time!).

Past that its little things with the physical setup. Make sure the sleeve is away from you ideally (better feeling). Get an elastic band rather than the stock stiff velcro (theres a trilancer pack on amazon for like $10) which changes the quality of motion in a pleasant way while allowing you to tighten significantly without squashing your meat. I REALLY enjoy my current 45 degree angle setup from my desk a lot more than I did straight up and down, and switching lubes can help too. Also the Gen 2 sleeve, while I find feels 5% less good than the Gen1 from a pure physical sensation standpoint - is significantly longer, allowing you to use the handy’s full stroke length much more easily.

All this adds up to a big difference in experience. I’ve had some sessions with the handy where I literally ripped my VR headset off and went “WTF is wrong with this piece of shit?” and others where I’ve been destroyed, body and soul. A thousand small missteps and you’re suddenly a long way off.

Hope this helps!

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