Tomin is Making a Playable Fap Hero Game

Tomin (Kamakurara) is making an actually playable fap-hero rhythm game.

This looks really good and has some potential for a toy integration…

Below is the article translated from Japanese to English.

We have received comments from people wanting to know what kind of game it is,
Here is a brief introduction of the game we are working on.

The heroine character is this Succubus-chan.
She has a slave contract with a man (the hero) and exploits him mercilessly night after night.
She is an S, but her body is highly sensitive and she is weak against aggression.

The main part of the game is a Rhythm game.
By pressing the notes flowing from left to right in time with the song
The main character resists (attacks) during the succubus’s milking.
When resisting, the animation reacts differently depending on success or failure.


The story and game (songs) progress in chapter form. Two endings are provided.
The game is structured in such a way that you can easily enjoy it no matter when you start.


We are also working on a sex animation for viewing.
You can enjoy them at any time in the gallery.
You can also change the speed by pressing a button, so you can watch at your own pace.

Because I cannot do the programming and music production by myself,
We are working on the production with the help of professionals :sparkles:.
(By the way, half of the songs are original compositions…) :muscle:! )

This is what we are able to publish at the moment!
(I’d like to post progress regularly, but I’m afraid I’d spoil it with a progress report,
(We would like to post our progress regularly, but we will refrain from reporting on the game until we are closer to completion.)




I’m curious how interactive it’ll be. Seems like it could be pretty similar to something like RJ425840, which Pisupako on Fantia is scripting.

I guess they’ll play out similarly, but Moko’s stuff are videos not actually game.

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She is an S, but her body is highly sensitive and she is weak against aggression.


Seriously, this looks great

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Has that one ever been scripted and/or translated?

It has been scripted. I remember buying this and it is pretty well made.

I don’t like that entry of the series though. It was pure evil.

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Sweet. Now that I look into it, MOKO has a ton of FH entries. That’s a gold mine I wasn’t aware of before.

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I’ve scripted three of them and posted on this site. Search up “Moko”.


On it. Shame that these haven’t been translated. Knowing the dialogue is half the fun.

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Do you have the scripts? Could you attach a link to download here please?

Please consider buying it yourself… And no. I don’t have the script and videos anymore because I didn’t enjoy it.

and what would be really cool is if you could use your own video files and it reads them that would be badass