Tonights Girlfriend funscripts not working

Hi guys, i just subscripted to tonightsgirlfriend and was testing the first vr scenes with scripts for handy.

The very first scene worked well (download both files and play with scriptplayer and deoVR) but suddenly the scripts don’t work anymore. Scriptplayer and OFS showing empty scripts (other scripts are still working fine).

Even if i download a new script from the site, it seems to be empty. Can anyone help?

If I remember correctly TNGF scripts are, like NAVR, token-based. Which means that you need to have your toy being connected to internet to make them work, even if you downloaded them. Perhaps for the st vid you tried you were connected and then you switched to a bluetooth connection ?
The fact that they seem empty is normal for a token-based script.

As @Elblbl mentioned, it’s a subscription-based service. So all scripts work only online while your online and while you are subscribed to Dreamlover. Also, the older scripts need to be downloaded again because they expire.

I think each script is active for 30 days so they have to be downloaded.

Update: even with online services i cannot make the funscripts work. I can stream and connect my handy with the website, but i cannot download scenes and play it with the token-based funscript. While trying i am always online in wifi mode and connected / logged in the website

You need to re-download the script-token every 90 days according to their FAQ (and have an active subscription). Try that if you haven’t already.

I already downloaded new scripts, not even one day old. They just don’t work. :frowning:

@DreamLover maybe you can help

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