Tool that edits videos together with funscripts?

Are there any tools that allow you to edit videos clips which also clips the relevant portion of a funscript, then allows you to splice them up together (both video and funscript).

For e.g, my intention is to reverse the first half of a video to be the second half, then I would split a 2 min video from into 2 parts, a portion (A) with containing the first min and another portion (B) from the first min to the second min. Then I would put the video together so that portion B plays first, then portion A. I would like the funscript to then do the same such that it corresponds to the edited video.

I’m not sure how accurate it would be if I edited the video separately from the funscript, hence my question. Also, I have no experience in editing funscripts. What I’m looking for is to edit the portions of funscript according to video timestamps. Any tips would be appreciated.

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