ToyDemon shipping

Is their packaging discreet?

Yes, and also best place to ask ToyDemon specific questions is at ToyDemon themselves.

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I have been ordering from there for around a decade and never had a problem, always discrete.

Any sex toy company didn’t didn’t have both discreet packaging and discreet credit card line items wouldn’t stay in business for long.

I’ve used ToyDemon a number of times in the past (the best sleeves in terms of material feel simply don’t last all that long), and they’ve always done both things correctly. The only real problem is the actual product packaging inside, which for Japanese toys tends to be really obnoxious.

That said, there’s no way to prevent a dedicated nosy person from doing some research to determine what a given purchase actually was. Perhaps the least suspicious source for sex toys is Amazon, though their selection is much more limited than ToyDemon.

Same here, never an issue.

Most toy companies are super discreet, never had an issue so you will be fine