Traveling with the handy

Hi, i know it is like importing wine in France or hashish in moroco but does somebody Traveled to thailand with a handy in his case? I know that sex toys are forbiden in thailand but prostitution also so i was wondering…

First of all, if things are not allowed in a certain country, regardless whether its enforced well or not. Upon traveling always consider the most strict situation. You realy dont want to be caught as the consequences are often big and horrible.

Taking a handy just cannot be hidden, so dont take it. Even a simple sleeve or egg like tengas are risky, and still can barely be hidden.

If you realy want, youll have to look at things you can buy there localy that are good subsitutes and rely on the classic homemade solutions.

An oversized condom with lube on the inside, placed inside a towel might result in a stroker that while its not great, can still do the job.

To increase the sensation avoid cumming several days in a row. Each day you skip can make the next day more intense until you are extremely horny (usualy 3rd or 4th day this happens for those who stroke daily). The cumshots at those moments are then also significantly bigger.

Since condoms and lube are not realy sex toy related, these are almost never a risk. I would still look it up whether its allowed to import those to such country (just to be sure). But at least here you can have a few things that help.

pringles can + small towel (which you can easily pack yourself to ensure a good fit) + condom is one of the better hand made strokers you can get that you can make almost globaly.

With prostitution, you’re bringing foreign money into their country and leaving it there. Easy to look the other way. With sex toys, you’re apathetically breaking their laws to get your rocks off.

Like any bureaucracy, it’ll come down to whether or not they want to make an example of you. If sex toys are illegal there, they’ll probably view you as a perverted outsider who came there to corrupt their people. You’ll likely get no sympathy when it comes to sentencing.