Trying to make VLC play my videos but cant seem to get it to work can anyone help?

So I’m trying to play my video files through VLC because the ScriptPlayer itself seems to have issues playing certain video files. Ie the video, and script start but its just a black screen running the script with audio.

The issue im having is I change the video player to vlc in ScriptPlayer it says its connected to VLC but I have no idea what to do once ive done that. I have the web interface applied in my VLC. Is there a special http im supposed to enter in my VLC setting to make it cast to my ScriptPlayer?

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You probably need this:

Assuming you are running modern hardware grab the x64 one, if you don’t know what to do with that then grab the installer instead.

If that doesn’t work try using Media Player Classic

Hope that helps


I’ll give it a shot thanks

Did you figure this out? I’m in the same boat, and I already have LAV Filters installed

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I installed the LAVFilters and the videos started working properly in my script player. So technically I wasn’t able to resolve my initial issue. I still can not use VLC to stream to my Script Player but when the videos fixed themselves in Scriptplayer I gave up with trying to do VLC streaming.

For future reference…
A good way of getting info about a particular video that is causing playback issues is to use MediaInfo to see how it has been encoded. You can download and install it, but you can also run it in your browser using this link: MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser . The video file is accessed locally by scripts running in your browser so there is no file transfer involved.

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