Turn the Default Handy Sleeve Into a Custom Sleeve Add-on

If you prefer your own sleeve over Handy’s default TrueGrip, but your sleeve’s exterior is too smooth to ensure a good grip, you can turn the TrueGrip into a add-on for your preferred sleeve.

Cut off the upper half of the TrueGrip sleeve.

Wrap it around your preferred sleeve.

Latch it onto your band and go.

This was inspired by Pinkamena and @Abdulis 's design of a Handy Sleeve shell, aimed to adjust the position of the sleeve.

I found the open-ended TrueGrip similar to one of these, but is flexible and thus safer.



Nice work - a great use for the original stock sleeve to be repurposed than be left unused due to greatness of others.

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Appreciated your contribution to the community as well. :grin:

And snce you’re here, I found that shell model a bit too narrow. I think the girth could be increased a little, that is you ever want to get back on it XD

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Yooooooo, this may be the solution I’ve been after for using some of my onaholes with the handy without damaging them. :thinking:

Only problem is that I actually like my truegrip sleeve. Maybe I’ll buy a new one and sacrifice the old one? Decisions, decisions…

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I never printed it but thought it would narrow too so i made a bunch of different versions with varied textures - please give those a try: :wink:

What other sleeves can you recommend to use? I’ve been using Handy sleeves exclusively, since all my attempts at getting Ride Japan or other onaholes have ended in disaster (onaholes either too heavy or too tight to make use of).

Try a open handy sleeve and closed sleeve combined to give some extra length


For weight, the advice I got is that below 350g is the safe zone.

I’ve only tried Tenga products with the Handy.

  • Tenga Crysta is my go-to. They stay in place very well on the Handy. Leaf is an all-rounder. Ball is more stimulating. Haven’t tried Block.
  • Tenga 3D doesn’t stay in place. But using the method in OP fixed that. Polygon is good. Zen is meh. Spiral is jaggy and I don’t like it.
  • Tenga Flex is very narrow. I removed the outer case and used it with the OP method. The white one is mild but good.
  • Tenga Bobble see this post.
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350g limit, yeah, that sounds about right from my testing. Sadly, all the onaholes in such weight category are usually super floppy, so there’s a lot of workarounds you have to do to keep them stiff and usually the sensation is nothing better than what you can get with the different Handy sleeves.

Thank you for your input on the Tengas! I haven’t bought Tenga products in a very long time, but I’ll be getting the Crysta series to try out based on your recommendations… Wish they weren’t so damn expensive :sob: