Unable to connect Kiiroo keon to PC

Hello folks,

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, I’m new here and have been searching everywhere and have yet to find an answer. I cannot get my keon to connect to stay connected to my PC via bluetooth.

It shows up and connects, but within about 10 seconds it displays “not connected” under my devices and I cannot get it to be recognized with any of the script stuff after that.

Any ideas? I very new to this sort of thing, and would appreciate any help you can offer to get the most out of the keon.

Thanks all


How are you connecting the Keon exactly? Are you trying to connect it via Windows directly, adding it as a new Bluetooth device? If so, that’s not the way to do it. (Not sure about the specific details here, but I’d imagine when you try to connect the Keon that way, the Keon basically waits for a few seconds to get like a heartbeat message from the connected host and just disconnects if that doesn’t happen, and, Windows itself doesn’t know about that.)

The usual de facto way to go about connecting the Keon with a PC is through the Intiface Central application. It’s pretty straightforward to do, but just in case you do need some further assistance they have a Quickstart Guide in their Wiki here: Quick(ish)start | Intiface Documentation

Intiface itself can be downloaded from here: Intiface® Central | Intiface® (Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS)

Then, once you have it installed and running, simply click the big round play button on the top left, go to the “Devices” tab, click on “Start Scanning” and it should automatically find the Keon when it’s turned on and give a short haptic feedback when it has connected.
From there on you are set to use it with e.g. websites like FapTap that have built in support for Intiface or local script players or games.

There are a few other websites out there that also allow you to directly connect to the Keon from within the browser, which to my knowledge is currently only supported by Chromium based browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge).

You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for your assistance.

I think I had viewed a few out of date discussions in my search, and was directed toward and older version of the Intiface program. It was not detecting the keon, and I thought somewhere I saw that you were supposed to connect directly through windows…so between the failure of initface and the fact that windows connected (albiet very temporarily) I got all turned around.

Your instructions were very clear and helpful. I’ve got to figure out the next step still (scripts and the like) but at least I can get a successful connection now. I’ll peruse the quick(ish) start guide to move forward.

Thanks again for your assistance.