Unable to connect through intiface nor scriptplayer

I recently purchased a Kiiroo Keon and I’ve been wanting to try out the interactive features with funscript but have not been able to get the Keon connected/found by Intiface or Scriptplayer, it works fine with Pornhub or FeelxVideos albeit janky/jerky movements.

I’ve followed through the extensive guide written by Realcucumber Realcucumber Guide but always end up stuck at “search device” after connecting Buttplug to Scriptplayer, I’ve looked around for solutions but have not found any regarding my issue, the device won’t connect/can’t be found, I’ve checked if my 4.0 bluetooth dongle was able to see/pair with it and it works fine(I made sure to unpair before trying to connect to Intiface/Scriptplayer).

Let me know if anyone has similar issues or a solution. Thank you!

I have Keon with motherboard has built in bluetooth to connect to intiface. My order is:

-Switch Keon on first.
-Launch intiface and scan for Keon. Once hear Keon move I select option disconnect from server I think it is as mentioned in intiface you have to do before can connect to scriptplayer.

Then open scriptplayer and connect to device.

If you do not get Keon to move when scan from intiface then must be bluetooth problem. When first connects the Keon only moves small amount but indicates it is connected. Hope that helps?

I agree with that. Make sure it’s visible from intiface, then make sure to disconnect it from intiface and to connect it through scriptplayer instead. I don’t know if you’re using the built-in bluetooth from your PC, but I’m personnally using a bluetooth USB receiver I don’t know if that makes any difference (it probably shouldn’t), but it could be another solution maybe.

Hi @jubinosz - if you recently purchased a new Keon, then you likely have their new firmware update, that unfortunately breaks compatibility on previous apps

We’re working on a fix asap through haptics connect app, hopefully released soon as possible

Unforuntately it doesn’t get detected by Intiface at all, apparently it is due to their new firmware, as stated by realcumber below.

Thank you for the reply, appreciate the info.

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