Uncensored, scripted (free), asian VR videos?

Title basically says everything. I was just wondering if there are any uncensored VR videos with asian actresses that have been scripted for free. I know that this question contains a lot of limitations but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

Do you mean asian actresses like Lulu Chu or are you looking for Jav-like videos that are uncensored?

If it is the first then there should be plenty here. I’ve scripted a few myself. Just search for actess names like Alexia Anders etc. in the free script section or have a look in this thread for a Google docs list with free scripts released here.


If it is the latter one I can’t give any advice. The link below is a filter for free scripts tagged as Jav-VR. I guess you can look through them and see if you find any uncensored ones.

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Regarding JAV actresses and JAV VR videos, pretty much all of them are censored if produced by japanese VR makers. There are some western studios that are filming uncensored VR with JAV actresses, however, to my knowledge, there are only about five free such scripts presented here on Eroscripts.

Check out the list in the link above provided by sentinel and search for CovertJapan and JVRPorn.

Free, uncensored, scripted VR JAV is pretty limited if that’s what you’re looking for. There are these two, but neither are super traditional JAV.



Honestly it’s hard enough to find uncensored JAV in general, so adding VR and already scripted without a cost brings your options way down.

If you’re looking for uncensored asian VR videos with free scripts more broadly, there’s plenty on here.

Was wondering the same but it seems like no sadly :frowning: even the melody mark jav videos are censored
Edit: Actually it seems yes… covertjapan and jvr has uncensored videos, for example:

What ever became of JVRP. The newest video on SLR is from 3 years ago. Did that studio close?

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