Uploading all gatherd VR content i have (around 580GB)

since i sold my VR headset, i want to store all the VR content somewhere else than my local harddrive, and when iam already uploading it to somewhere i figured why not share the package with the community, my question now is, where to freaking upload it? should i make a Rar of all content gatherd, splittet up in 5gb parts? or can i upload it somewhere somehow so everyone can only download what they want to download and not have to download the complete package.

another question is, what are your expierence with somewhat budget VR headsets for consuming VR 3D videos? since i never played with my valve index, i sold it but iam interested in getting only a headset maybe with inside out tracking but it have to work with steam vr . any ideas?



Guidance around VR headsets are common here. Start reading the threads linked in this post:

ah yeah sorry you are right, i searched the forum for help where to upload but the second question just came to mind when i wrote the thread, next time i will search the forum, i swear

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I think Mega is a good solution for this ?
But For that much data you will have to take out a paying account…

Or upload it in 20gb chunks to 25 throwaway accounts :rofl:

any news on this? -)

since iam a poor man, i will not look for any solutions that cost me money, i can screenshot the folder and the “videolist” and you guys could crowdfund a mega acc or something like that :smiley:

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That sounds cool!

I mean there is technically a method to do this. But it is unfortunately not allowed here on eroscripts.com. I’m speaking about peer-to-peer sharing, when you know what I mean. But you aren’t allowed to share them here. Not asking, but maybe you can send the link via pm :wink:

If the stuff you have is paid content (i.e. videos / scripts) I would check with the creators before freely distributing their work. If it’s all free though then knock yourself out :smiley:

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