Upscaling videos

I saw someone on Patreon doing this thing where they were providing regular content for their subscribers and thought that we could use something like this in our community.

I was planning on just charging per video instead and have yet to put a lot of thought into the prices at this time.

I am more curious if there were individuals in the community who would be interested in paying to have their favorites or any low quality videos AI upscaled.

I know I am excited at the aspect of having some of my favorites improved.

I am still researching the available options as well so I have not landed on a specific software at the moment either. Again, I am just taking a pulse check on the communities interest on this…




I did it on some videos, live and 3d videos are harder to upscale from say 360-480 to 720 and up.
The results are too blurry as the software can’t find clear edges like noses, mouth and such. Lowering the settings makes it redundant.
Animated are almost flawless tho.
Below original was 240p upscaled to 4k then scaled back down to 1080p and then i tweaked the brightness, contrast and saturation. Took something like 15 hours to render with my hardware.


Thank you for the results and information!

What software was used?

Topaz Video Enhance AI.

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I should have asked in my last reply, what are your specs?

Porn example of modern upscaling I’ve seen NSFW: HEATHER HARMON 12 - DEINTERLACED, 60FPS, AND UPSCALED 4K - I believe that there are scripts for a couple of these as well.

Important to note that the other awesome thing to do is interpolate a higher FPS. SFW example: Boosting Stop-Motion to 60 fps using AI - YouTube

CPU-AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Memory-16gb Ram
GPU-Radeon RX590

Rendering on CPU is 3x slower than GPU
Render speed on GPU range roughly from 0.50-1.50 frames per second. So 15 to 75 secs spent to render 1 sec of a 30fps video.
I believe the software is optimized for Nvidia so

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wow that interpolation is really cool, and FREE wowza.

if this can legit turn some low quality 2D porn into some 4k Gems then that would be highly awesome!

I did try running Topaz some time ago on this post
This was from 720p to 4k, which is hard, so im surprised the result was that good.
What it really needs is high fidelity (usually reflected as high bitrate) to work well, as soon as you go SD resolution or low bitrate 1080p it becomes junk.

I also ran Waifu2X on this
Waifu2X work excellent on any anime-style content, its extremely slow though (you have to extract all frames, upscale and reassemble)

So I guess that really old videos from 2000-2010 in resolutions like 512x384, 352x240 and such won’t scale well at all despite the all mighty AI?
It would be nice to have these old classics improved a bit. I’m thinking of videos with stars that retired from the business a long time ago, from the era of DVD or even VHS, when avi and vmw were the video file formats that ruled.

Here’s an attempt on 720x404 to 4k with all models from Topaz File folder on MEGA
What’s apparent is that all of them are still somewhat blurry and alot of them exhibit artifacts.
So if you have some old movies you love, it might be worth it, but otherwise it just makes all of them look like old xvideos clips

Can you upload the source image as a comparison?

I upscaled some random classic porn clip from 352x288 to 1920x1572 (545.5%). The results are ok, the image is not crystal clear and it looks like the AI had some problems with upscaling really bright objects. It’s still improvement from the original and someone who love some vintage porn might gain from it. Probably a few more years and we will get something really good.

It took me around 8 mins for this 2 minute clip so it’s not the end of the world. It was supposed to use my GPU over CPU but in the end used only 50% of my CPU, maybe trial version limitation?

Folder on MEGA

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Have done (post must be atleast 10 characters)

I hope it gets better very soon, it will kill the remakes trend

For those among us who come from the Kazaa times and battled dial up connections while offering up weak flop sweat explanations to roommates and family members as to what’s always going on with the phone line and why the bill is so damn high, those upscaled Heather Harmon videos mean so much more than just a sharper image of a beautiful woman deepthroating a very long cock.


So I have to create a fake mail every month? I don’t think that will work for ever.

Yea, Topaz is not free however the google interpolation is free.

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what kind of settings are you using for the upscale? I’m playing around with it but so far most faces just look kind of over-filtered.