URL Downloader

This is my first GUI I have ever made. So its rather simple in design. But it gets the job done. You’ll find instructions Here- List Downloader GUI

  • Read the readme on the front page then to download this look at the pics below

Then click here to download the program

  • I’m still just a computer science student in the process of a degree. So I dont know yet how to suppress the windows defender warning you are going to get. Maybe if someone more experienced then I am wants to help with the project they can.

  • The original use case for this was to have a txt file full of URL’s (one URL per line).

  • Then you can use it to download the videos from that txt list you made.

  • Also requires yt-dlp.exe to be in the same folder or set to path in your environment variables.


awesome awesome awesome

just 1 hit is a false positive. Please google how to read virustotal results before you try to read virustotal results. It is also entirely open sourced. If you dont know how to read or understand the code please ask someone to do so for you. I hope you can understand my tone in this response and why it is the way it is. in the meantime edit your post. thanks

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hey its been a while but i ran into an issue, so I keep getting this error
ERROR: [SpankBang] None: Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden (caused by <HTTPError 403: ‘Forbidden’>); please report this issue on Issues · yt-dlp/yt-dlp · GitHub , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using yt-dlp -U

I just pushed a new release, think i fixed the bug. If you can give it a test for me thatd be sweet.

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I think that fixed it thanks

Cool!! is there a method to download the video/audio in the best quality available instead of webm?

Working on it, should push a new release soon. Keep an eye out, thanks for the bug reports guys, appreciate it.

I updated it to download then to convert to mp4. So it should work as suggested. This is a temporary fix until I figure out how to make the media format a user selected option. Still in college so i’m learning as I go here. But, I tested it, should take your webm and make it an mp4 for ya!

dont know if this will be hard, but would be awesome if you could make it work with this site https://fuxporn.com/ because it currently does not; and I could not find a downloader that will work with it.

good project, however i don’t think it’s somehow faster than using yt-dlp directly from the terminal (i use OpenSUSE btw)
might make the thing easier for newbies tho

Right, but a lot of people are either afraid to use a terminal or dont understand how to use a terminal. I am in the process of implementing other types of downloaders like yt-dlp. Which should make it more useful.

Hi were you able to make https://fuxporn.com/ work with the URL downloader

If you remember how I showed you how to find the source URL using the developer tools. That works on this site. I am exploring ways to do this automatically with the program but it’s a bit trickier. I’m working on it though, its not impossible, I will eventually figure it out.

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oh cuz, it would take me days to do that; think ill just wait then.
Im root’in for ya

@IIEleven11 were you able to make this work

would be nice if https://fuxporn.com/ worked

Not yet, I can get the right URL. the issue is I dont know how to pass it to the program.

oh, ok then; just take it easy then. Let me know if u finish it.

I made a Python Script to Download Files from a URL List :slight_smile: u just could make a GUI for Pytho. As well and just add some Feauters to the Script :slight_smile:

For the Defender Warning ther aren’t a lot.off ways. You can send it so Microsoft for a Maleware Scan or you can solve this Problem with an EV Code Signing certificate (~ 300$ per Year)