Using funscripts for dummies tutorial

Hello, so after creating the funscripts thread on iwara there was a request to have a tutorial on how to use the funscripts (not necessarily create them, but just how to use them properly).

I saw the thread here which has really long tutorials about making the funscripts:

Is there a more condensed version of “this is what device you need for funscripts, and you can get this local program to open the funscript file”?

The use case here is described by one of the mods (tyron82)

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The answer to your question is subjective and also highly dependant upon the hardware. On a basic level I think stashapp is probably the simplest to use and most convenient. You put the videos and the scripts in the same folder, making sure theyre named the same. Then scan for the device in the webui and youre set.

- You can click here to get Stash

When you start stash for the first time it will ask you for the folder path to your porn. This will assume you’ve made it to this point and it is done generating.

  • Important to note that stash can do a million other things in terms of organizing and displaying. I’m not going to go over all of that. Stash has their own documentation you can look through.

Make sure the video and script pair have the same name.


Click the settings cog in the top right:

  • Step 1 and Step 2. Lets scan then generate real quick to pickup any new videos or scripts you’ve downloaded. You can push them both at once and the generate function will run after scan is finished.

  • Step 3. Click the interface tab and scroll all the way down to “interactive options”

  • Click “edit” and Enter your connection key

  • click connect