Using Joyfunscripter- How do I set to "off" i.e: No vibration? Issue is really bothering me. Thank you!

Long issue:

Using the Gush. Can use the lovense program to set is from 0% (off) to 100 Percent (Max).

However, I cant do the same with joyfunscripter, it is always humming a bit at the lowest setting, and zero to max feels the best.
Ideally, I want to use the Joyfunscripter, so I can play them with “scriptplayer”.
I could also use the lovense program, but scriptplayer doesnt recognize it! haha. What a pain.

Basically, I need a program or fix so that I can set the gush to “off” no vibe. I bet there is an easy fix, I just dont know what it is…

Thank you very kindly!!

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