Using The Handy in Bluetooth Mode on Windows 10

I tried the Handy in Wifi mode with its connection key and it worked flawlessly on Faptap. I’d now like to try out some game mods made with EDI. Many of which can for the handy to be put into Bluetooth mode.

I put that Handy into the blue Bluetooth Mode and attempted to connect it to my Windows 10 computer like any other Bluetooth device. It showed up on the list of devices, but refused to connect. I read on Reddit that the Handy cannot directly connect via Bluetooth on Windows 10 and has to be used with Initiface.

Is this true? If so, do I need to download Initiface Central from the website?


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Yes. Here’s its website:

Though for the case of EDI, I believe it supports Wi-fi connectivity to Handy as well, but it might not be as responsive due to the buffering.

Some software, such as To4st’s FunscriptPlayer, has intiface built-in. So you don’t have to launch an additional one.


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