Using torrent for video+funscript sharing

We are using a bunch of downloader tools, and also searching for exact videos with exact timings in case of dead links.
All of these could be avoided if we would just switch to torrent, video and scripts could have “archived” in the same torrent.
I would be happy to seed for felow EroScript users.

I would love to hear opinions on the above topic.


That would directly conflict with rule nr 2 which I doubt they’ll change anytime soon:

" Types of links allowed

You can link to material hosted on another platform if we can redirect any takedown requests or legal issues to them. (eg. pornhub, mega)

Do not link to material hosted by an individual (eg. seedbox) or a peer to peer site (eg. torrents)."

Torrents run into immediate legal trouble and would eventually get the site shutdown. Remember we are a FunScripts site, not a media hosting site.