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Based on the comments @Lucifie made after converting Shibby’s “My Sweet Boy” from a vibro to a stroker script, I decided to try and see if I could solve their issue converting scripts with fast changes in vibration intensity…

I spent an ~hour in Powershell and wrote a function which converts vibration intensity to stroke speed, averaging speed changes occurring during the previous stroke to account for rapid changes. I’ve added some additional features called out in the input section below as well!

If you have a favorite vibration script you’d like to try this against - DM me or post here and I’ll convert it, then you can give feedback help make this better for you and everyone who might use it!

I would love input in a few areas here:

  1. Should the minimum/maximum speeds be adjusted?
  2. Should the average time sampled be shorter, or only look forward/back? This currently goes backward to the most recent intensity or averages intensity changes over the previous stroke.
  3. EDIT: I added a configurable function to reduce stroke length (and subsequent speed) when vibration intensity <=25 and increase intensity up to 15% when speed is >=85%… So now: 1-25 = decreased stroke length / 26-84 = 0-100 strokes with linear speed increase / 85-100 = 0-100 strokes with a speed mod equal to 1-15%. Would love any feedback on improving this or if it’s not needed/should be toggleable (easy to do). I made the parameters configurable so the slowdown can cover more range/slower speed, or the speed-up can be more extreme.
  • Anything else you can think of! Appreciate any and all feedback here.

Thanks for being an awesome community :slight_smile: I hope this can eventually help us all enjoy lots of content previously unavailable due to toy incompatibility!

PS. Here is a heatmap before and after to give you an idea (“before” actually looks worse in OFS than in the heatmap if you can believe it): produced a better heatmap for showing off these differences compared to OFS (IMO)…




The made Stroke script is No good.

Hey @19cmlang - Give me a little time with this one (if you havent already grabbed what I posted earlier) - I realised on further review this script is pretty lacking in detail - almost every position is 0 25, 50, 75 or 100, and the creator seems to bounce between 2 for the vast bulk of the script - either 25 and 75, or 0 and 100 with very little variation. I’m going to tweak the parameters in the morning and see if i can produce a better result, but this one may be a bit of a lost cause.

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