Video upscalling

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the right Spot for this post, just correct me if not.

I have a Video Upscale AI and i would offer all of you to upscale any Videos.

We all know the sad moment, if you have a Video with a sad Quality and you would love to enjoy it, so let me help you.

Post it here or message me :slight_smile:

I hope to make some people happy with this offer.

Greetings :wave:


Someone just did a script for a Jenna haze blowjob. I think it’s be a good candidate. I’ll link the post when I find it. Just something to consider, I know upscaling takes time and a lot of power Just something to consider, if it’s not your thing no point, but it’s a classic for sure


@slapmytuna MY MAN! It’s SO GOOD


What settings do you use for upscaling? I have been working on some VR content (1600P → 3200P and 2048P → 4096P) and have had mixed results - so far my best results without artifacts have been on the basic proteus algo with a few values tweaked from auto - but love to hear what others are using!

I’m not a pro :smiley:

What are you using Topaz?

Why should it be my thing for a upscale :slight_smile:

I offerd it for anything. I will give it a go :slight_smile: it seems there a lot of people loving this scene.

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I am using Video Enhance AI yeah!

Not a pro here either, more just curious what you’re using. I found Artemis produced too many artifacts, and while the picture sometimes isn’t as sharp, tweaked Proteus kept things looking the most “natural” to my eye, but I’d appreciate hearing your (or anyone’s) experience with the product.

On Topaz AI it goes pretty nice with the presets for me…

For AI scaling, so far the best result can be achieved with Real-ESRGAN:


Can you provide some examples of how to use those tools? Either the free ones or SVFI? Topaz is fairly straightforward, but I’m not opposed to trying out different tools if better quality can be achieved cheap or free.

Dude, thank you for offering your services. I attempted to upscale myself but my computer is far old to do it effectively. Can you try your skill to the video here? I can also send you a mega to this!

Im looking for exactly this; someone to give files to and pay to have them upscaled

For AI scaling, so far the best result can be achieved with Real-ESRGAN:

I know this widely considered true for anime and CG, but is it also the case for real life videos? Thanks!