Violet Myers?

where are all her scripts? eg. the fire force script is only via paywall

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I’ll be following this thread with great interest.

There is a search function on this site… Just search for Violet Myers.


there are barely any videos, best is the fire force for which there are no free versions

There are a couple of free scripts with her, a quick search returned and and a couple of paid scripts as you mentioned like and

If you’d want another scripted, you can put a request in the “Script Requests” category (once you’ve participated a bit in the community to get access) and get lucky.
Otherwise you can also look into scripting it yourself, for example How to script in OpenFunScripter - video tutorial

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I made this :confused:

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i’ll try it out. any chance you might script some other stuff of her? preferably not pmv?

Thanks for this one. I downloaded this a while back and it’s my go to Violet Myers script.


If everybody starts a thread like this it will be totally spam. There is a search function and a script request category.


womp womp :lying_face: