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Virtamate (VaM) Plugin for interactive toy/the Handy connectivity?

Hey there, so I play/use VaM/Virtamate quite often and it has a plugin called VaM Launch. It was, as you can imagine, created for connecting the Fleshlight Launch to the game WAAAY back when it was released but now, no one is actively developing that plugin to make it better. It has a lot of issues especially since development of other plugins that creators use for animating have improved and changed such that the plugin isn’t really that powerful. It often cannot keep up with speeds in various scenes that creators can make or at least, loses tracking momentarily if say, a handjob stops and then picks back up speed VERY rapidly. This totally destroys immersion and believability. Does anyone know of any ideas that could work with something like Virtamate which is not compatible with scripts since it relies on live-action relaying of positioning of the models in the game to the sex toy? Or, is anyone familiar with Virtamate and VaM Launch that would be interested in working on quality of life improvements? Thanks.

Qdots VaMSync (formerly VAMLaunch) had a 2.0 release in february. Guessing since you use the old name you might have missed that update. I dont know if it does anything other than supporting new toys, but its worth a try. But the launch has its limitation in speed and connectivity, i have my bluetooth dongle on an extension cord so i can have it as close to the launch as possible.

Otherwise i recommend you to upgrade your toy to one that can handle faster strokes, cheapest would be Handy or Keon since they are supported in v2.0. I dont know the speccs for keon so handy is probably the better choice. But its still the same plugin so if you are not happy with it. You are probably better off with the osr2 from tempest max with its own VAM plugin

Oh right, yes I guess I should say: I used VamSync and the Handy. It definitely works a bit better than before, but like I said, the tracking of variability in speed just doesn’t seem to be there yet probably partly because it is tracking live movements in the Zone mode (and because no one uses Cycle Forces or Animation Patterns really…). On top of that, you can only select ONE body part to track…so…let’s say it’s a blowjob scene that occasionally stops the blowjob and is just a handjob until it starts again: you can’t track both the hand and mouth reliably so that it picks both of them up (unless I’m doing something wrong perhaps). But someone just sent the last developer a message on a VaM website about updating it for/with them so here’s to hoping that it gets a few more quality of life improvements! Thanks for the response

Yeah, VamSync was okay, but a recommendation would be to get an OSR2. It was pretty much made by the VAM community and has some good support with it’s Tcode plugin. It’s good fun, but not for me, most movements seem a bit inorganic and it requires a bit of set up for scenes that don’t straight up have it preconfigured

Edit: 3.0 of TempestVR’s Tcode plugin released fairly recently and I missed it, this one seems much better!

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Thanks! It’s a work in progress, but I aim to please.

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