Voice control of Handy and DeoVR

This is a post for all those who don’t last for more than two minutes with the Handy (let’s you say ‘stop’ when things get to hot) and/or don’t like touching controls with gunky hands. It assumes you’re using a mount for the Handy. Should work for any player, but only tried with DeoVR. Once you’ve tried you won’t want to do without…


  1. install ScriptPlayer: Releases · FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer · GitHub
  • make sure you have at least 1.1.1
  • say silent thank you to Fred Tungsten
  • in Settings / Handy, put in your connection key and select ‘Connect To Handyfeeling’. I have had a lot of
    problems trying to get this working with local connection. There are some settings at the bottom of that screen but I can’t remember what they are right now.
  • in Settings / Players, press the Default address button next to DeoVR, the one it shows initially is incorrect.
  • in Settings / Input Mapping, assign some keys to useful functions. Important are ‘Source: None’ (Handy will not be working) and ‘Source: Video’ (Handy will again follow the funscript of the video) Also very useful are Play, Pause, Forward, Back, Next Event.
  • in View, set Always On Top, seems to help with getting VoiceAttack keypresses, but who knows.
  1. install VoiceAttack from Steam

There’s a demo version. Create a profile for ScriptPlayer, assign voice commands to the keys you setup in ScriptPlayer. In the profile settings, set
ScriptPlayer as the target app, saves doing it for every single command. To go forward e.g. 30 seconds you can do the Forward keypress 6 times.

  1. in DeoVR settings, select Enable Remote Control. Disable Handy and SLR options in Interactive settings if you have them set, don’t know if they interfere.

Once all that is done, you can start a session in the following order:

  1. VoiceAttack
  2. ScriptPlayer
    - connect to Handy, should see confirmation
    - set Deo as video player (ignore connection warning)
    - I don’t recommend doing anything else here, if you don’t want problems, especially don’t be tempted to open a different video
  3. start SteamVR
    - start DeoVR
    - start a video with matching funscript
    - test voice control

If it doesn’t work, go to the VoiceAttack window first and check it’s recognising commands. It seems sometimes to want the profile to be edited before it will start recognition. If that’s working, go to ScriptPlayer and check that a keyboard press will do the thing you expect.


Looks interesting. But does it supports other languages than english?
Usually voice recognition is bad if the engine is english and you speak german. It forces you to also speak english to use it.

If builtin support is not there, you can use the Windows recognizer which supports many languages. But in any case, you only need a few words, and you can train it easily to match your accent.

Comprehensive Macro Control

Loops, control statements, variables, tokens and even a plugin interface. You can even write, compile and share your very own functions using C# or VB .net code within VoiceAttack.

Plugins :astonished: Now its getting interesting even more.
I probably will try this out. This might save me a lot of time.

I have already played around with voice recognition in .NET.
It’s nice if you know how to use it but needs a lot of coding.

I would love to see something like this for the OSR

This app is so complex that it took me some time to find a way to get it running for HandyControl.
I have tested a few commands for the command line input and could start and stop the script and Handy.

But the demo limits at 20 commands so I can’t add them all. I might buy it. Luckily it’s not that much (12€).

Good thing is that you can import and export profiles so other people could use it without setting it up again. But its grayed out so i think thats disabled in the demo. @Arran Do you have the pro version? Can you save?
If so then the user just have to enter the application path once and he is done.

It used my local speach recognition so that’s good. Told him to start “HandyControl” and he understand “Handy kontrolle” :laughing:

I noticed a time delay after speaking until the command is executed. It’s about a second but that does not look too bad for normal commands. But for edging thats too slow and you also dont want to talk all the time while having fun.

Looks very promising. I can see new ideas comming :smiley:

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Yes, the profiles can be exported in the non-demo. The full version is also often on sale on Steam.

I don’t find the delay a problem, tend to take it into account, and for VR it’s a million times better than messing around with a controller IMO.

I wish DEOVR just added support for hand tracking, wouldn’t have to use controllers at all. Voice commands with the delay wouldn’t work when trying to stop a video for reasons mentioned above.

My biggest problem so far. If Handy is moving at higher speeds then the mic is detecting the movement sounds and my commands are not understood.

The app detects the movements as a word.

Edit: Playing with windows audio levels and some settings in the app have improved this. I also have added those words to the prefix exclusion list^^

I guess I have to get a new headset now. One with a microphone :sweat_smile:

At the moment I have setup 47 commands but I need to add more advanced command line features so it’s easier to increase/decrease values without doing all the math in VoiceAttack.

Is anyone interested in helping to do a translation of the “say …” commands once i am done? I guess we have people here from many different countries and they want to use their own speech.

Since i am no native english speaker I also would like someone from the UK to have a look at it.

By the way. If you buy it on the app site instead of steam you get 30% discount because of the current exchange rate € vs $ and the lower price.