Vote for your favorite VR Script from December 2021

This is a try. Vote for your favorite free VR Script, released in December 2021. I would like to do the same for paid scripts, but I don’t have any scripts from in the database yet. As soon as I have these, there will also be a vote for paid ones.

Maybe this is fun, maybe not, lets find out! :smile:


  • The vote is open till 30. April 2022
  • You can vote twice in 3 voting groups, so you have 6 votes
  • You forgot to :heart: like one of you favorite scripts? Support the creator now!

Your favorite free VR script (Group 1)?

Your favorite free VR script (Group 2)?

Your favorite free VR script (Group 3)?

Maybe it’s better to split jav vr from the others? The discourse system don’t allow votes with more than 20 items, I had to split the list :grimacing:

Be thankful for every script that is published on eroscripts

Give :heart: :heart: :heart:


This script seems to be not longer available.

The Actress is not Kurea Hasumi. It’s an unknown amateur. I only know it’s also available as 3DSVR-0605.

First week is over:

  • Kay Lovely and April Olsen - Lust Actually (BaDoinkVR)
  • Liya Silver, Florane Russell and Stacy Cruz - No Christmas Celebration (Virtual Real Porn)
  • Charly Summer - Cheating For Charly (WankzVR)
  • Alex Coal - Live And Let LARP (POVR)
  • Gabbie Carter - Grabby with Gabbie (WankzVR)

… are on the top places atm.

Will you do a 2nd round vote with the best results of each poll to get the ultimate winner? :smiley:

Possible yes. It depends on the voting count at the end.

What would it take to get you scripting for sexlikereal?

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I have to much work. I can’t even finish the short videos I started and a script related site project takes time too :exploding_head:

The second thing. I can’t earn the money as a scripter that I get now in my normal jobs. I just don’t make sense. But thanks for the offer.

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