Voting for Script Requests, bumping rules and request format rule or template?

Hi I noticed that it seems like there is no real rules or template even for that matter for the script requests except marking as solved maybe.
As a result I feel that having some way for people to vote on different requests that they agree with would help Scripters in knowing maybe what there is a demand for.
Additionally if a script is gone a long time without any activity on it then maybe it should be allowed to be “bumped” so that way it doesn’t stay at the bottom of the section where it is barely seen.
Finally I think that a template could be useful in making requests so scripters and others can see each bit of information easily along with making the process of putting in a request easier if people know what would be useful to mention/show if they have it.


Thanks for the feedback

Regarding bumping old requests, I’m working on something to auto-bump old posts that aren’t solved or closed.

A template sounds like a good idea. I will throw something together and if anyone has feedback on it, please reply here.

As for voting on script requests, I’m not totally sure what that looks like or how it would work. Maybe some scripters can comment on how they choose what requests to take up?


With the voting, could maybe be through something similar to liking the post except it says “+1” or “vote for this” which then shows on the script request section. Dunno what is possible to be done but could give perms to have a number tag appear or have bot to do that which also deletes a comment saying “+1” and just make sure it is restricted to only working in script requests.

With Scripters you could give them perms to put a tag on a request saying inprogress and their name e.g “Prog - Ratattack15”/“Inprogress - Ratattack15”

It’s hard to suggest what would work since I have no idea what the limits are to know what could and couldn’t be possible vaguely.

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If we just want voting, there is a polling functionality that’s easy enough to enable. However a poll requires multiple answers to choose from. There’s also the heart/like functionality on each posts which basically acts as a +1.

I’d like to discuss what option is most helpful and how people even make decisions in the first place.

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I feel it needs to be something that is visiable outside of the thread when people are scrolling along and looking at titles as that saves time if someone is just looking for something that is popular to do.

Also I forgot to say about the template so here’s my thoughts. I think should include a link to the video or the page which you pay money to view the video and have the offical video title so if the video isn’t publicaly accessable, people can possibly share it to help. Screenshots, length and actors could be useful to add in though it helps mainly with finding the video but maybe also how hard it is to script. As I have seen some scripters say that it has been hard to do some vids that are jerky.

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I found a voting plugin that seems like a good fit and enabled it.

You can now explicitly vote on a request topic. When viewing a list of topics, the total number of votes will be surfaced as well. Users will get up to 8-12 votes at a time depending on their trust level, so you can’t just vote on everything.

Again, if anyone has any feedback, please let me know


It might be nice if we could just view # of likes on the original post when browsing and be able to sort posts by # of likes. This would have the added benefit of new users especially being able to quickly find “top” scripts (though # of views works almost as well). I don’t know if that is possible though.

That being said, the voting system you added looks good too and seems like it accomplishes a similar goal. It still would be nice if we could sort by # of votes though.

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There is a way for me to show likes as its own column. I think this would show likes and MAYBE also let you sort by likes.
It doesn’t seem like searching by likes or sorting search results by likes is possible.

One downside is it shows up site wide, adding clutter to the page where I assume it’s not really helpful.
I’m also not sure that sorting scripts by number of likes is a good metric to rank them by. Not sure what an ideal metric here would be though.


@hugecat What happens if I have spend all my votes and i want to vote one more? Do I have to search my old votes and down vote them?

Are the votes numbers are removed if the post gets a solution?

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A post that’s closed or has a solution will give you back your vote.

You can find all your votes in your Profile Activity or the below url

You can remove an old vote to use somewhere else

Thanks for asking. I’ll try to update the about section


Oh there’s also a My Votes tab at the top of #script-requests

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Great Suggestions, I like the vote option for certain.