Vr/ar glasses recommendations

so im looking into getting a vr/ar headset anyone have recommendations or experience using the ones i mention i want something compatible with my phone(samsung galaxy s23ultra) like the rokid max or xreal air since my pc is absolutely trash

For VR there currently are 2 headsets standing out: Meta and Valveā€™s Index.

The index is overal better, but significantly more expensive. I would only consider this one if you want to go into VR gaming.
The 2nd hand market could be interesting though to cut costs. Depending on the country this can already be 50% cheaper easily.

The Meta headset is actualy cheaper than what it should be. And that is because Meta will use your privacy data to sell (either internaly for advertisements, or as part of a bulk set, where although you are anonimized in the data, can still be often refered to you). Its not a headset i would recommend, unless you already were active in the sextoy scene on facebook/insta/whatsapp.
And note, since whatsapp is common, there is a good chance they already know it anyway.

If you realy want VR, but barely have anything to spend and dont mind the potential privacy issues, the Meta headset is most likely the best to go for.
But if you can spend a bit more. I would realy recommend staying away from Meta.

Alternatively, if your phone could be used as a headset, it might do fine for VR porn. Although in this case its most likely google that will know it, but if you connected the handy with an android phone, they already know anyway. Its the most optimal budget solution then, but most android phones arent realy good here (i think samsung has invested most here for high end phones).

The problem is, there is not a single best solution here, and a lot of them rely on a somewhat decent pc.
Note that a side by side VR video doesnt require a strong computer as the VR glasses will be able to play that easily. As the videos dont involve rotation, that is done by the device anyway. So on that, it barely matters which VR device you use, although phone based ones seems to have quite good support overal.

For actual quality experience i cant realy tell a lot. My VR experience is only based on the Vive and is outdated compared to more recent VR headsets. But i can already tell that the Vive does the job fine, so anything beating (or being equal to) those specs does fine.

update i got the xreal airpro 2 and so far regrettable choices were made it has sbs mode but i cant grt it to view the videos correctly anx yes f me

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