Looking to find vr HMV’s and PMV’s. Do they exist? I can’t find more than a handful.

I don’t think they are common. I also have only seen a few and they are often just simple snippets from different videos. There is not much creativity in how they are made compared to some 2D HMV/PMV creators.

I’m also a fan of these so I’ve collected some together.

As normal please import to your own don’t just download. Some of these videos already have scripts on here. There are also a few scripts I made in the folder but they haven’t all been tested properly.

@sentinel if your after a VR PMV that is a bit more creative give this one a look.


Cool, I didn’t know there was a second one, at least I think this a part II from the same based on the transition style. I’ve seen VR PMV I before (1080p version, but should exist in higher resolution VR PMV I Porn Videos).

Is there a way to watch these in VR? They only play from a fixed point of view for me and I can’t move my head around.

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What program are you using? You should be able to watch them all in VR.

This is a niche people need to fill imho. Just VR hentai in general. There’s games like Koikatsu and Custom Order Maid 3D2 (which I own) that has VR hentai, but to record it in VR is the problem. PH is flooded with Koikatsu videos but they’re all flat. As soon as I can figure out how to record in VR I’m all about taking that plunge lol

the seperate video is really nice. is there a script for it ?

Not Yet. I’ve started one but no where near finished.

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